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Do You really know what a former Employer will say about You?

Do you really know what a former employer will say about you? 

While some may know exactly what information a former or current employer will share, many are most likely not sure.

So, when this question was posed on, we decided to weigh in!

"Employers can choose to reveal anything about you, your work performance, and even reason for leaving as long as it is the truth! However, that doesn’t mean that they will! Due to fear of litigation, many employers choose to only verify a former employee’s dates and title of employment. Some will also share whether that person is eligible for rehire. But what they will share is all dependent upon company policy and is not necessarily consistent company to company. However, a good background check professional will check and develop references to “fill in the gaps”. That means they will question not only the references listed by an applicant, but also ask those references for another source they could contact who has knowledge about the applicant’s work history and job performance. The best thing any job applicant can do is to know beforehand what a former employer will say about them and choose their references wisely. And both of these can be accomplished by doing a background check on themselves long before they ever apply for a job".

Check out other answers to this question here!

While our answer is accurate, it only went so far. There is much more you should know and consider when it comes to what a company representative can or will say concerning your employment.

Some states and localities actually have statutes addressing this issue, while others do not. And even among areas that have regulations the guidelines can vary.

However, there is some information that past employers commonly reveal. These are your start and finish dates and your job title. For a growing number of companies, this is the extent of the information they will provide. Some others may also include your reason for leaving and whether you are eligible for rehire.

Many states have regulations that outline the information a previous employer can reveal. These may cover things like requiring a signed release or limiting the information provided. In some instances, employers that follow these guidelines are then protected from being sued for defamation.

Then there are also states and localities that have no limitations at all or where information can only be provided to certain types of businesses ~ hospitals, home health agencies, banks, public utilities, transportation companies, and contractors.

So, what can you do to give yourself a heads up on what past employers will share?

Do a little research! Find out the laws in your state and locality governing employer background check guidelines, along with any state and locality where you may have worked!

But despite “best practices” and legal regulations, can you really be 100% sure that you know what a former employer will say about you? That is why your best course of action is to take the time to do a Background Check on yourself first!

Discover how here!

But taking these steps is only part of it. You also need to be ready with a great list of contacts and references for each position you have held, and know how to choose those sources wisely!

Many companies will ask for a list of references and/or supervisor names to verify your employment and even act as a general source to speak to your character. It is important for you to create this list carefully. 

Don’t fall prey to one of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make ~ listing your former employers, supervisors, or professors as references without asking them first!

This simple step can save you from the embarrassment of a less-than-stellar recommendation and give your references a most welcome heads up.

In fact, this common courtesy can greatly increase your chances of getting the job.  

7 Tips for getting the Best References

Make a ListTake a look at your resume and for each employer, list your managers, supervisors, and even relevant co-workers. Include any internships or volunteer positions you may have had as these can be great sources.

Check it Twice ~ take a hard look at who you listed. Keep those that know you and your work well, and eliminate the others. Strive to have 2 or 3 quality references for each of your jobs listed.

Spread the Word ~ Get in touch with each of the people you plan to list as a reference to see if they are willing to help you. It at all possible, go see them in person or phone them. Rely on email only as a last resort.

Fill in the Details ~ Once you have your final list, it is time fill them in on the details.  Make sure they know the job you are seeking and with what company. It is also helpful to give them a quick rundown of the skills they are looking for in the job description.

Do a Double Check ~ Make sure that you have up to date contact information for each of your references. Confirm their current company and job title. Also be sure to ask them the best way to reach them ~ at work, on their cell ~ and list that as the main contact number.

The Final Draft ~ create your stellar reference list. Include all pertinent information for each reference ~ name, company & title, contact number and email. It is also good to list the dates you worked with them and where.

A Thank You goes a Long Way ~ Sending a thank you note to your references is a great way to show them your appreciation, and to let them know if you landed the job. Even if you were not successful, this little gesture will ensure their help as you continue your job search. 

Learn more about each of these tips and making the most of your references here!

So, if you wonder what a former employer can or will say about you, your best course of action is to do your homework and find out long before you ever apply for a job. Contacting them directly and choosing your sources and references carefully will not only give you peace of mind it will increase your chances of landing the job. 

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Steps You should take Now to find your first “Real Job”!

This is the time of year when graduates are hitting the job market. Whether it is from high school, college, or even a great trade school, they all have one thing in common ~ they are ready for their first “Real Job”!

The question now is how and where do you begin?

The short answer is this ~ do your research, don’t forget to network, and be ready to “sell” yourself!

The key is to approach finding a job much like you did getting ready for exams. Preparation, studying, and a great mind set are what will get you through.

And it all starts with following these tips ~

Make sure your Resume is “Background Check Ready”. The majority of employers will do some type of background check before making their hiring decision. There is simply no point in applying for any job until all the information listed in your resume is accurate and contains no “red flags”. 

You need to:

  • Make sure your resume is “clean”
  • Never list a degree, diploma, or certification you haven’t earned
  • make sure all past employments are accurate
  • Know in advance what your past employers / references will say about you
  • Be ready to mitigate any employment “gaps” or inaccuracies
  • Do a background check on yourself first

Remember, the key to any good resume is to make sure it is first and foremost a way to market You to your new employer. And starting with any kind of discrepancies is not the way to go!

Learn more in “Tips to Help you get your resume background check ready”!

Create Your Professional Online Presence and Clean Up your existing Profiles Are you on LinkedIn? This social network is a must for creating a professional persona. Create a profile that is not simply a list of your credentials. Make it interesting! Put the focus on sharing “you”, what makes you unique, and what drives you (there are a lot of great tips out there to make your LI profile shine). 

Now check out your existing social profiles. Take the time to give them a good, hard look and remove anything questionable that could result in a bad impression of you.   

Asking yourself these questions BEFORE you post anything online is the wise way to go.

  • What do your Social Profiles say about You?
  • Do they show you in a good light?
  • Have you shared things you are not proud of?
  • Do they highlight the best things about you?
  • Would You be Proud to Share Them?

Remember, what you post online can impact your job search. Learn more in “Discover how your Social Media Posts can keep you from getting the Job You Want”.

Bottom line, employers are bound to look! So make sure your social profiles are up to par!

Focus Your Job search - but not too narrowly! Only applying for jobs that fit you exactly, or throwing your net too wide, is not the way to get the job you want.

Instead, create a job search strategy that keeps in mind your goals, skills, and interests. No one job may fit them all. But, as long as you are focused on finding something where you can explore your interests and where you can contribute, you will be adding something valuable to your professional work experience. 

Use Your Connections You may not think you have any, but think again. Did you have any summer jobs or internships? A former supervisor might be the perfect person to help you meet someone who can help you find a job.  

How about reaching out to your family or friends? Let them know you are looking to start your career and they may have some suggestions.

And don’t forget your university’s Alumni network. Many universities forge strong connections among their Alumni. Join and stay active.  

Use your College’s Resources Does your university have a career center? Check it out! You will find a variety of resources that will help you with your resume and job search. Many universities also host job fairs. This is a great way to check out many different companies at once.

Don’t be afraid to get out and network!  

Seek out local professional associations and attend networking events. Be ready to tell people what you do (or want to do) and what you have done to get yourself ready. But don’t forget to listen first! Going in with a pitch without showing a genuine interest in others will put people off.

Research Companies Before You Apply Do your homework. Check out their company website. Make sure you understand the company “brand”, how they started, and what they do. Find them on LinkedIn and other social networks. 

They will be screening you, and you need to screen them in much the same way. Any information you find will also help you prepare for your interview. Learning all you can about your target companies just makes sense.

Pay Attention to Application “Rules” Many jobs you apply for will require online applications. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully ~ remember, this will often be your first impression!

But no matter what method they use to collect their applications, in all cases you need to pay close attention to neatness, spelling, clarity, and legibility. Losing out on a possible interview due to sloppiness or an incomplete application will not get you the interview you need.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Thank You If you are lucky enough to be called in for an interview, then you know that they are at least interested in what they have seen on your resume/application. The interview will simply be the next step in finding out if you are a good fit. This is where your company research will come in handy.

Be sure to be ready with tangible examples of problems you have solved, what you have learned, and why you want to work for them.  Making sure they understand what you will bring to their company is important.

But no matter how well the interview went, it can all be erased unless you remember the Power of a Thank You!

Not only should you thank them in person on the day of the interview, you need to follow up with a thank you email to anyone you met with throughout the day.

Be sure to express your thanks to them for taking the time to meet with you. It is also a good idea to personalize each thank you with any specifics you may have discussed during your interview. Making them more “personal” can go a long way in making a good impression.

Consider Continuing Your Education (Grad School), Taking an Internship, or Volunteering. If you are still not getting anywhere in finding a job, then you may have to consider some alternatives.

If you believe grad school is in your future, then take a look at some programs that will further your professional skills. In fact, it is sometimes easier to simply continue on and complete the education you need before getting a job. You are still comfortable with studying, exams, and all the other things that go along with going to school. 

And if you haven’t already had an internship, it is not too late to find one. This can be a great way to increase your “real world” skills and extend your connections.

Do You Volunteer? Now can be the perfect time to start. Not only will it make you more invested in your community, it is a valuable addition to any resume.

Be Patient Don’t get discouraged. It will take time to land your first job, or even to get an interview. This is not a reflection on you. Just stay focused on being positive.

Most new grads and job seekers will apply for dozens of jobs and many will never even receive a response. Remember, everyone goes through it and we all had to start somewhere.

Check out “Attention New Grads ~ What you need to do to land your first job!” to find information on how to best accomplish your goals!

It takes work to find a good job and how you approach that search can make all the difference. Doing everything you can before you even apply to prepare yourself is key!

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Can what You post on Social Media effect your Job?


Do you post on Social Media? Could what you post be considered “controversial”? Then you need to read this…

The following question was recently asked on Quora, a popular Q & A site, and we think it is worth sharing.

“What types of recourse do I have against people who contact my employers about things I have on Facebook?”.

Posting on social media sites has become more common than ever. And many are not at all shy about sharing their views on practically anything and everything, no matter how controversial the subject.

That is why when we came across this question, we knew it was time to weigh in, and here is our answer…..

“You have no recourse whatsoever. That is the nature of Facebook and other social sites. By using those sites you are choosing to put things “out there” about your life, your opinions, and more. If someone shares something with your employer that you willingly post, then that is on you. And if your employer believes that what you are posting can harm their business in any way, then you may face the consequences of your post. The exception (to this) would be if they were lying or were attributing something to you that you did not post. Otherwise, you have no standing to object. Your best bet is to be proactive instead. Change the settings on your social media accounts to private, “friends only”, etc. Don’t list your employer in your profile or at least make it visible to a select audience. And even better yet, be very careful what you post in the first place. Does it project what you want others to know about you? Will it cause an issue if your family, friends, or even your employer see it? Remember, every single thing you do online projects an image about you. Is it the one you want to share?”.

You can see the original question and other responses here!

Despite what you may think about the “fairness” or “morality” of someone sending your employer information concerning your social media posts, there is nothing illegal about it.

So it is best you face that fact and realize that what you post online can effect you, your job, and even your family.

You may argue that it shouldn’t be that way, but that doesn’t change the reality that it can and does!

That is why you need to understand the potential ramifications of what you post online and learn what you can do to mitigate your exposure.

First you should recognize that nothing you share on Social Media is ever really private!

“How Much of what You Post Online is Really Private? Should You be Concerned what is “Out There” About You? The answer? A Resounding YES!

Despite privacy settings, probably very little of what you post online is truly private. Do you know what friends or “online acquaintances” are posting or sharing online about you?

A hot topic is how employers use information on social media both during the hiring process and in dictating employee conduct. Questions revolve around how much of what is found can be used to either make employment decisions or be used to contain existing employee’s online behavior.

Your best course of action is to imagine anything you post could possibly be seen by a wide variety of people ~ your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, employers, and even those that are strangers to you. Using that as a guide, do you still want to share that post? Asking yourself that question BEFORE you share is the wise way to go.

Discover more about how employers use social media to make both hiring and retention decisions here!

Did you know....Your Social Media posts can get you Fired? "Tweet This"!

It is also important that you realize that what you post can impact your Job Search, future promotions, and even your educational goals.

“Did You Know that what you post on Social Media can have an impact on you not only today but in the future? It can effect your chances at getting into the right school, landing your dream job, getting promoted, or even keeping the job you have.

Your social media sites are increasingly being viewed by everyone from college admissions workers to employers and recruiters. What you have posted there is seen as a reflection of who you really are ~ above and beyond what is found on your application, resume, or even how you conduct yourself in the workplace. And especially problematic are the current prevalence of "keyboard warriors" who have no problem attacking others who disagree with their views, especially when it comes to hot topics like politics, religion, and even the COVID pandemic. 

Posts that show illegal, questionable, or even violent behavior may cause you to be passed over. Comments that attack, degrade, or threaten others put your character, and the possibility of that you may impact the company's image, in question. And if any of your posts or profiles contradict what you may have listed on your resume, this is certainly a “red flag” when it comes time to make you an offer.

Before you apply to college or for any job, you need to ask yourself some hard questions about your social profiles. In fact, they would be excellent questions to consider before you even post!

You should Ask Yourself ~

  • What do your Social Profiles say about You?
  • Do they show you in a good light?
  • Have you shared things you are not proud of?
  • Do they highlight the best things about you?
  • Would You be Proud to Share Them?

Learn more about how what you post on social media can effect your job search in “Discover how your Social Media Posts can keep you from getting the Job You Want”.

Social media sites can be a great way to stay in touch with friends, keep up with current news and sports, and even share and comment on issues that are important to us.

But you need to use it wisely. That means understanding that what you post can have consequences to you, your future, and your job. 

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Will Unpaid Work Experience Hinder your Job Search?

Will unpaid work experience cause a problem in the employer verification part of my background check?

This was asked recently on the popular Q & A site, Quora and we were intrigued. So many job seekers have questions and concerns when it comes to optimizing their resume and preparing for the employment background check. Since alleviating those worries is part of our mission, we wanted to weigh in with our perspective and advice.

Here is our answer ~ 

"Unpaid, volunteer, or intern type positions are great additions to any resume ~ especially when they yielded skills or experience that can translate to your career! Including them will not cause any issues when it comes to the employment background check unless you try to pass them off as Paid Positions. That would send off a bright red flag! However, including them as unpaid references will help you as long as when contacted, they have something nice to say. That is why I recommend that you contact any reference long before you list them on your resume. Give them a “heads up” that they may be contacted and ask them if they are willing to give you a good reference. Even finding out in advance what information past employers will give to potential employers or screening companies is in your best interest. This way you will be prepared as to what an employment background check will find!".

Discover more answers to this question here!

Instead of feeling angst when you apply for any job, your best bet is to be prepared. And it all starts with your resume!

“When you are in the midst of a job search, one thing you can count on is that some type of background check will be part of the equation.

Most employers will check to see if you have the education, skills, and past experience needed for the job ~ and your resume will most likely be your first introduction.

Job Seekers Take Note ~  It is vital that Your Resume be “Background Check Ready”! 

Making sure your resume is completely truthful is the best start. The key is to make sure all your information is clear and accurate, and following these 6 tips will help!

  1. Make sure your resume is “clean”
  2. Make sure you never list a degree you haven’t earned
  3. Make sure all past employments are accurate
  4. Make sure you know what your past employers will say about you
  5. Make sure you can mitigate any employment “gaps”
  6. Make sure you have done a background check on yourself first

You can find out more about how to accomplish these 6 goals in “Tips to Help You get Your Resume ‘Background Check Ready’!”.

It is also a smart move to contact anyone you are listing as a reference long before you add them to your resume! This includes past employers and anyone else you list, or who may be contacted, to serve as a reference.

Knowing in advance the information that will be provided to potential employers is key.

Do You know what Your References will say about You? 

Don’t fall prey to one of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make ~ listing your former employers, supervisors, or professors as references without asking them and knowing what they will say first!

This simple step can save you from the embarrassment of a less-than-stellar recommendation and give your references a most welcome heads up.

In fact, this common courtesy can greatly increase your chances of getting the job.  

Your references will have had the opportunity to gather their thoughts beforehand and will not be caught off guard ~ giving you the best chance of your references working for you instead of against you.

When references are contacted unaware, they often stumble. Dates and titles elude them. Specific projects you may have worked on or tasks you lead are unmentioned. This can lead to an unimpressive reference report.”

7 steps you should follow for getting the most out of your references ~

  1. Make a List
  2. Check it twice
  3. Spread the Word
  4. Fill in the Details
  5. Do a Double Check
  6. The Final Draft
  7. A Thank You goes a long way

While not all potential employers will ask for a list of references, if you follow these tips you will be ready if they do! Find out more about how you can make each of these suggestions work for you here!

But the most important resume tip of all is this ~ Do a Background Check on Yourself before you ever start your Job Search!

Have You ever Considered Doing a Background Check on Yourself?

There are many reasons why you may want to know what is "out there" about you. You may be considering college or buying a home. You may even want to volunteer at your child's school. But the most common reason by far is when you are thinking about applying for a job or trying to get a promotion.

The question then becomes, How and When do you do it?

Many employers use Background Checks as part of their hiring process. Most of these employers are looking for past criminal histories and validation of your employment and education claims. Some also do searches on driving records and social media presence.

Do you know what they will find?

Your best defense is a sound offense. Before you apply for any job, you will probably update your resume, research the company where you are applying – all in the hope of putting your best foot forward. Why not add a Background Check to that list?

Discover how doing a Background check on yourself, with help from a qualified screening company, will help you get the job here!

Being prepared before you start your job search is key. Knowing what is “out there” about you, fine tuning your resume to reflect your skills and accomplishments, and choosing the right references can make all the difference in whether you get hired or not.

So, the time to start is now! Need help? Contact API today. We can answer your questions and help you get ready for your job search.

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Discover why doing Employment Background Checks is More Important than ever!

It is not easy to find the right employee, especially for a Small Business!

Hiring someone with the right skills, experience, and “fit” is, of course, essential. They need to not only be able to do the job, but to do it well.

But finding that talented candidate is not enough. They also need to be a safe and reliable hire. One that will not jeopardize the safety of your company’s existing employees, your customers, or your assets. 

And the key to accomplishing this goal is by doing a sound Employment Background Check!

When you screen your potential new hires, you are not only making a cost-effective and sound business decision, you are protecting your business reputation. And here are 4 reasons why......

  1. Small Businesses have limited budget for hiring and training
  2. The more “intimate setting” of a Small Business requires safer hires
  3. Background Checks help Small Businesses avoid litigation
  4. Small Businesses rely heavily on their reputation

“Your customers rely on your honesty and integrity, and will keep doing business with you because of it. Having unsafe employees can ruin that reputation. If your company is not taking the time to hire wisely, customers will notice. If your reputation is ruined or tainted by the actions of your employees, it is hard to bounce back. Small Businesses especially have to be vigilant in protecting the good reputation they have built.

By using Background Checks, Small Businesses can avoid making many of these missteps”. 

Find out more in “4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to use Background Checks”!

The question then becomes ~ what is the best way to get the quality background check you need?

You may find it tempting to simply go online and use the first "instant" background check website you see. But that would be a mistake!

“You see them everywhere. Ads touting “totally free”, “instant”, or "low cost" background checks. They all promise to get you information on anyone at any time.

Just do an online search for “Background Checks” and you will see what we mean. Over 40 million results pop up from “$9.83 for Unlimited Searches”, “Background Checks - Search for Free!”, to our personal favorite, “Instant Background Checks - 100% Free”! Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

And if you are hiring for your small business while trying to work within a budget and pressed for time, then you might be tempted to give it a try. But take our advice, and Stop Right There!”.

That online background check is simply not enough. It is essential that you take an all-important "Second Step". 

And that step, additional verification, is where a real, quality Background Check shines. Additional verification is vital in ensuring that you get the accurate and up-to-date information you need.

Checking any information found through a database search against real court records is simply good business. It is the single best way to determine whether any record found actually belongs to your subject.

Court records will also be more complete. They will contain identifying information, such as date of birth, of the subject. The court record will also list details of the charges, final disposition, and sentence. If no disposition is listed, then that additional verification will determine if it is an active case where no disposition is yet recorded. Online Databases are often missing the information you need and that can result in major holes in your report.

The bottom line is this ~ there is a definite difference between an Online Database search and the kind of information a real Background Background check will provide.

Find out more about the importance of going “directly to the source” when doing your employment background check here!

When it comes to your business reputation it is vital that you protect it, and that includes making safe hires, and using the right background check company to help you do it!

“It takes a significant time and resources to build a strong reputation and just moments to ruin it. How can people trust that the company will keep them safe if they cannot trust who is being sent into their homes. How can other employees feel safe if they are working next to someone they cannot trust? The loss of control is scary to consider. A person’s position in the company could be threatened because of the actions of another person who wasn’t properly vetted.”

That is why it is so important to know When and How to pick the right Background Check company for you!

“Our advice? The best time to contact us, or any screening company, is long BEFORE you ever need to hire!

Many companies get this backwards. They realize they need to hire, then scramble to find someone to help them screen their applicants ~ or worse, forgo the background check all together.

Meeting with potential background check companies before hand, and choosing the one best for you, will make your hiring process much smoother and more successful!

A good background check company will help you put in place all the steps you need to follow well in advance. This may start with the job descriptions for each position within your company (this is something that we have helped clients with in the past), and should also include advising you on your  employment applications.  

They will also make sure your release forms are compliant, or supply you with one of their own, along with explaining employee rights when it comes to background checks, adverse action letters, etc.

Connecting with your background check company early also gives you ample time to ask any questions you may have about the employment screening process. There should never be any confusion about how and why you are using background checks in your hiring practices.

Going the extra mile to make sure you are completely comfortable with the entire process is the goal of every good screening service ~ and this is especially important to Small Business.

With limited budgets and the settings that often result in close contact among employees and customers, hiring safely is more important than ever. “

You should choose a company that:

  • focuses on your needs
  • uses direct sources for their information
  • is willing to take the time necessary to do their job right
  • understands compliance issues
  • does not promise prices that are “too good to be true”

Outsourcing your employment background checks is simply good business. It will give you access to their knowledge and experience, keep you updated on compliance issues, will help you keep your candidate and employee information confidential and protected, act as a barrier against discrimination claims, and, most importantly, save you time, money, and resources.

Find out more about When and How to choose the best Background Check company for you here!

Making sure your new hires are going to be an asset to your Small Business is vital ~ and doing a sound background check on them first goes a long way towards achieving that goal. And the time to start is now! 

So, before you hire your next employee, Contact Us. We can answer your Background Check questions and help you hire safely and effectively for your Small Business!

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Our Most Popular Articles of 2021


Every year we take stock of the articles we posted. We take note of what topics resonated with our readers and which fell flat. We also discover trends and areas of interest that help us write articles for the upcoming year. 

This year is no different!

Here are our Top 5 most popular blog posts of 2021……..

Not surprisingly, our two most read articles centered on the effects of COVID and hiring.

In, “Can COVID delay your Background Checks?” we focused on the very real problem in getting timely background check results due to closures, limited working hours, and a reduced workforce.

“There is no doubt that the effects of the COVID pandemic have caused problems for businesses. It has impacted employees, customers, and a businesses bottom line. And one of these problems is potential delays to employment background checks".

Factors than can delay your background check due to the COVID pandemic include:

  • Court closures and limited court and records staff may delay receiving case records needed for criminal and civil reports
  • Limited Staff and Work from home employees can make it hard to reach anyone to verify the information you need  
  • Work from home employees may not have ready access to the files containing the information required 
  • Business you are trying to reach may be shut down or their hours limited

Learn more about the effects of COVID and other factors on your employment background checks here!

Our next popular article looked into why many companies are having a problem finding new hires. 

In “Need to Hire but ‘No one wants to Work'? The problem might not be what you think!”, we shared what employers need to focus on to attract the employees they need!

“If you find that your business is facing the "I need to hire but no one is applying" dilemma, instead of throwing in the towel, you need to do this instead ~ take a good hard look at what you and your business are offering!

Be honest with yourself……

  • Before the pandemic hit did you have a high employee turnover?
  • Despite your company earning increasing business profits, did your employees’ wages remain stagnant?
  • Did you ignore or refuse to offer incentives such as good benefits and perks to attract and retain good workers? 

If the answers to any of these questions is "yes", then the next question becomes….What can you do now?

This is the time to change your tactics, and that starts with doing the following….

  • Get the Word Out
  • Use the Employees you have to Recruit new ones
  • Offer bonuses, better pay and incentives

Check out the entire article to find out more!

Another article that clearly resonated, especially with employers, was “Learn how You can use your Existing Employees to help you Hire!”.

Employers are always looking for ways to attract applicants. However, one resource they often overlook is their current employees!

“Using your existing workforce as a resource simply makes good business sense. They are intimately aware of what is needed to do the jobs within your company and they also understand the inner workings of the team.

So how exactly can they help you find and train the new hire you need?

Here are some tips to help ~

Reach out to your employees, especially your best and brightest. Talk to them. Find out more about what skills and talents are needed to help your company grow and succeed. Learn where your workforce is lacking and where it needs help. Really listen to what they have to say. Their input will be invaluable not only in recruiting but when it comes time to make a job offer.

Ask them to refer other like-minded, smart and hard-working individuals to the business to supplement your recruiting efforts. Sometimes your current employees are your best resource for finding qualified candidates who can help improve your business”.

Read the entire article for more tips!

The following article was popular among Job Seekers! 

Do Companies contact Current Employers when doing a Background Check?” focused on the common fear that a current employer will find out they are looking for a new job!

“There is no doubt that job applicants have a valid concern when it comes to their current employer finding out they are looking elsewhere. The chance that their current job may be put in jeopardy, without another offer and acceptance in hand, is bound to cause angst. That is why it is so important to know the facts first”.

As a rule, companies do not contact current employers. They understand the very real problem that can create for their applicants. But past employers are another story!

That is why it is best to be prepared!

Check out our entire article here to find out what you need to know before you apply!

Both Employers and Job Seekers found our final top article on “Ageism” relevant, “Ageism in the Workplace ~ Discover why you need to Hire and Retain Older Workers”. 

“The fact is, rather than retire at age 65, more older Americans are remaining in or returning to the workforce. Some are continuing to work due to longer life expectancies, health expenses or financial insecurity. Others simply enjoy the social interaction and the fulfillment and sense of identity work provides. In order to succeed, it is vital that your workplace embrace them. Is your company ready?”.

It is important that your company show a strong dedication to hiring for qualifications and fitness for the job no matter the age, sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation of your applicants. 

You can accomplish this by:

  • Using age-inclusive language in your hiring and employment practices, including job postings.
  • Focusing on establishing benefits that take into consideration the wants and needs of your diverse workforce.
  • Creating a welcoming and innovative working environment that encourages collaboration.

Discover how eliminating Ageism in your workplace will encourage a variety of applicants and help your business by checking out the full article by clicking on the link above!

This rounds out our Top Blog Posts of 2021! For more articles focused on you and your Small Business, be sure to visit our site hereAnd if you have questions or topics you would like to see covered in the coming year, please Contact Us or comment on this article. We would love to hear from you!

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again ~ a time when we  celebrate the holidays and are both nostalgic and excited to close out the old year and welcome in the new!

For us at API, it is our favorite season of all!

It is a special time that many of us fill with family and friends. We decorate our homes with holiday lights and enjoy the quiet times just enjoying their glow.  

For many it also means taking a break from our work or even our own small businesses.

But perhaps our favorite is the time is spent in reflection and wonder. Remembering holidays past with loved ones who may no longer be here. Looking back on what we have accomplished or wished we had. But also looking forward to what the new year will bring!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, our hope is that you have time to relax, enjoy, and do all the wonderful things that this holiday season has to offer!

So, from us at Access Profiles to all of you ~ We wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a safe and successful New Year!

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Friday, November 19, 2021

It’s Time to Remember and Give Thanks!

We are Thankful!

The older we get the more we find that with the holidays comes reflection. We remember past celebrations and the people we shared them with. We cherish the present for the chance to get together with family and friends, keep up holiday traditions, and create new ones. And we also find ourselves looking forward to what future holidays hold.

And this Thanksgiving is no different.

We are busily prepping our home to welcome out of town family and planning our dinner that will feature family favorites and some new dishes to try. And despite being exhausting, we are thankful for all of it.

But our gratitude and reflection doesn’t end there. At API, we are also truly thankful for our wonderful clients and our small business friends. 

Without your patronage and support we could not have weathered all the recent uncertainties or been able to run our business for the past 25 years! 

We don’t take your loyalty lightly and we will be forever grateful!

So, from the bottom of our hearts…..We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday filled with hope, happiness, family, and friends.

To all our Small Business friends and followers…..What are you especially thankful for this year? Please share by commenting below! We would love to hear from you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Why Background Checks are necessary before every Animal Adoption

Want to adopt a pet? Then get ready for the Background Check!

Screening potential adoptive pet parents and foster families is important. While most people that want a pet will be caring and loving to their furry friends, that is not always the case. There are those who will end up harming and neglecting them.

"Every 60 seconds, one animal suffers abuse". Source1

For that reason, many shelters and foster programs require all applicants to undergo background checks before placing any animal.

The goal here is to make sure that they will provide their pet with a safe and nurturing home. So before you decide to foster or adopt, it is best that you are first prepared.

Pet Adoption or Fostering background checks will most likely include the following:

  • criminal and civil court record checks ~ they will be looking for complaints or past instances of animal cruelty, abuse of animals and/or of people
  • employment verification ~ this is checked to determine if the applicant is financially able to take care of their new pet
  • questioning references, neighbors,  and friends
  • determining whether there are children in the home
  • asking about other pets and checking their vet records 
  • asking if any pets have ever died in their care (whether by their hand or not)
  • conducting a home visit or asking questions about the home to determine whether it is suitable for a pet

Less commonly, potential fosters or adoptive pet parents may also be screened on social media or even have their driving records checked.

While some may think these requirements go too far, are too intrusive, and may even be discriminatory, the alternative is potentially placing a pet in an unsuitable or even dangerous home. That is unacceptable.

Background Checks are critical in protecting the safety of adopted or fostered pets!  “Tweet This”

Sadly, many adopted pets are already being returned, abandoned, or even removed from their owners because they could no longer be taken care of or are being harmed.

"Annually, over 10 million animals in the US are abused to death". Source2

To curb this trend, it is vital that we do everything we can to first assure that no animal is ever placed in a dangerous situation where they end up neglected or abused. That is why these animals depend on those working hard to find them a new home to do their best to make sure they will be safe.

Without a background check, that task is difficult. Foster and adoption agencies have no way of knowing who is taking the animal home unless they first do their due diligence.

That is why it is best to err on the side of caution and, despite privacy issues, to screen all potential adoptive or foster pet parents. Our common goal should always be the safety of our furry friends, and background checks are a great way to achieve that goal!

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Source1: 45 Disturbing Animal Abuse Statistics We should Know in 2021

Source2: 33 Heartbreaking Animal Abuse Statistics to be aware of in 2021