Thursday, September 3, 2020

Why Celebrating this Labor Day is more Important than Ever!

Labor Day has a special meaning this year.

Our nation is in the midst of a crisis. Unemployment is rampant. Many are unsure whether they will be called back to jobs that have suffered during the pandemic. While others are faced with the fact that the company they once worked for is no longer in business. All of this leads to uncertainty and worry. 

Yet, there are companies and individuals who have not only weathered the storm but have actually thrived. Some of it is due to sheer luck. But then there are those who found a way to adapt. They put their entrepreneurial thinking caps on and got creative. They discovered a “new” way to do business and keep themselves not only viable but successful.

But no matter what circumstance each of us find ourselves in, the importance of a strong labor force is not to be overlooked. It is something to be cherished and celebrated!

“Without Labor, nothing Prospers”! Sophocles

Our nation’s workforce is important to our success as individuals and as a country.

Jobs help people feel productive and proud. Earning a living allows us to take care of ourselves and our families. It provides for our current needs and allows us to make future plans. 

And, collectively, our efforts contribute to the making of a stronger and happier nation.

That is why, despite the struggles we currently face, we can’t forget that recognizing Labor Day and every American worker is important. 

So this Labor Day, we celebrate…..Those who work hard each and every day. Those who continue to pursue the work that will provide for themselves and their families. Those who will never give up in trying to find a job that makes them proud. And those who, day in and day out, know what it means to do a good day’s work. You all are the heroes of your own story and an important part of what makes this nation work. Thank you!

Happy Labor Day! 

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