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Employment Background Checks
When it comes to using Background Checks when hiring for you or in your business, the benefits and reasons why can be confusing. You may think background checks are mostly for "big business" or you can't afford the extra expense of screening your applicants. And even if you see the need, you just don't know where to begin!      

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What is a Background Check?
Knowing exactly what kinds of things are researched during a Background check is key to helping you understand what they are and how you can use them in your hiring process.
Here you will discover the steps taken, from beginning to end, during a typical background check. Learn what can be checked and why it will help you make a better hiring decision.
Do You think background checks are not necessary for your business? Or even that you can find everything you need to know online?

You are not alone! Here you will find the 4 most common misconceptions about Background Checks and what you really need to know!
Background Checks Help Your Small Business Hire Right!

Why Do I Need to Use Background Checks when Hiring for my Small Business?
The number one reason to use Background Checks when hiring is to Protect Your Business! Your reputation is everything and doing all you can to protect what you have created makes good business sense. And nothing represents your company more than you and your employees. Hiring smart comes from having all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Discover more about "Why" here:
How to Choose the Right Background Check Company for You!
How Can I Choose the Right Background Check Company?
Finding the best background check company will really help you feel more comfortable with the entire process. Understanding exactly how the screening company researches their information is key. It is also important that you feel they are putting you and your company's needs first.  

Check out these 5 Tips that will help: 
Background Checks will Save Your Small Business Time and Money!
Isn't a Background Check just too expensive for my Business?
Nothing could be further from the truth! When you partner with a good screening company, they will help tailor the background check to your specific needs and your budget. Discover more here...... 
Are there Background Check Guidelines & Regulations I need to Follow?

The answer is Yes! There is state and federal legislation that governs how and when you can use background checks in your hiring process. There are also EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines to consider.  All are dedicated to ensuring that you are not discriminating against any applicants who are part of a protected class.

While a good background check company will help you stay compliant, it is important for you to understand these guidelines too.
Tips to Help Your Small Business Escape EEOC Notice!

What You Should Know:
  • Your Applicant's Rights During a Background Check 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report lists what rights your applicants have when it comes to an employment background check. Things like their right to have access to your findings and to dispute anything they believe to be inaccurate.
Here you will find an outline on what you should do to make sure that your hiring practices are not violating EEOC guidelines, especially those concerning background check releases and disclosure forms.

Questions You should ask before you do business with any business!
Due Diligence Investigations
Going into business with or hiring any company comes with a set of risks. The company could have dealt with clients poorly in the past. They may not live up to their promises or do shoddy work. 

Before you know it, you have wasted your time and money by hiring or working with someone that falls way short of your expectations.

So before signing on the dotted line, do your homework! Find out more here:

Background Checks can Help Protect Your Family and Your Home
Can I Use a Background Check when Hiring Someone to Work in My Home?

Most definitely! Screening home care workers, contractors, babysitters, and many others makes sense. Not only is it safer for your family, but it also protects your home.

    Trust but Verify!
    Company Security
    What can I do to Keep my Business Secure?
    Keeping your employees, customers, and your company and its assets safe needs to be a priority for every business owner. Doing so not only enhances your reputation, it is simply the right thing to do!  Find out more......

    How to Protect Your Employees from:

    How to Protect Your Company Assets and Information:
    Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
    Creating a Company Privacy Policy

    Preparing Your Teens for the "Real World"!
    Job Search
    If you, your children, or anyone else you know is looking for a job, then the time is now to prepare ~ and that preparation begins long before you apply! 

    Preparing Your Teens for College Applications & their Job Search
    Parents and teens often have questions about what it takes to get into a good school or even land a good job. They wonder if they have the grades, the extra curricular activities, and a myriad of other things that will get them accepted.

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    What Job Applicants Need to Know:
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