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Can You Pay Someone to Act as a Reference?

Can You Pay someone to act as Your Reference?
Is it ever okay to use “fake” references when looking for a job?
Job seekers are often worried about what a past employer will say about them. Maybe they left on bad terms? Or maybe they simply didn’t get along with their supervisors, co-workers, or were simply not up to doing the job?

Whatever the case may be, people in this position may consider using friends as employment references or, at the most extreme, even hiring someone to pose as their reference.

In fact, this exact scenario was posed on, and when we saw it we had to weigh in!

The question……."Is there any site where I can pay people to act as my references for my history because I wasn't on great terms with former employers?".

Here is our answer……
"Even if there is such a site, don’t do it! Hiring someone to pretend to be your reference is fraud. And most likely, at some point you will be found out. Instead, be completely up front with potential employers. Explain the situation, all while emphasizing the positive skills and attributes you can bring to the job. You should also look for people who can actually speak positively about you. It may be someone you interned with, a professor, etc. Even co-workers that you worked on projects with can help you. What we are most concerned about however, is the fact that you are even considering this course of action. All that does is start your employer / employee relationship on a dishonest note. So please abandon this course and move forward with the other remedies we listed. Good luck!".

You will find additional answers to this question here!

It cannot be emphasized enough, when it comes to your resume and references, honesty is key. 
While presenting yourself in the best possible light is naturally your goal, achieving that goal should never involve lying. Not only is it wrong, but you run the risk of being found out. That is especially true during the employment background check!

“Be assured, employers are checking. Verifying the information on your resume is common practice and part of most company’s hiring processes. Investigating your education, past employments, and skills top the list. It is time to take note ~ When your resume lies are uncovered during the hiring process, you lose. And if discovered later, you could face not only the embarrassment of getting fired, but also the possibility of public humiliation. excerpt from “Employer’s Share ~ Lie on your Resume and You Lose!”.

Be Honest on your Resume and References
So what should you do if your resume and references are less than stellar?
Take the time before you apply for any job to make sure both are completely truthful and highlight your real accomplishments and goals. Tailoring your skills to fit the job you want is also important.

When it comes to your resume, you should….. 

  • Never lie! Be as accurate as possible about everything listed
  • Never cite a degree or certification you haven’t earned 
  • Make sure all past employment contact information is current and complete
  • Know in advance what past employers will say about you 
  • Be ready to mitigate any employment “gaps” 
  • Do a background check on yourself first

Learn more about how these steps will ensure that your resume is accurate and will not raise any “red flags” or uncover unwelcome surprises in “Tips to Help You Get your Resume ‘Background Check’ Ready!”.

Next you need to take the extra step and make sure your references will help you in your job search and not hurt it! 
“Do you know what your references will say about you? Don’t fall prey to one of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make ~ listing your former employers, supervisors, or professors as references without asking them first!.

This common courtesy can greatly increase your chances of getting the kind of recommendation you need to land the job!

Your references will have had the opportunity to gather their thoughts beforehand and will not be caught off guard ~ giving you the best chance of your references working for you instead of against you.

When references are contacted unaware, they often stumble. Dates and titles elude them. Specific projects you may have worked on or tasks you lead are unmentioned. This can lead to an unimpressive reference report”.

Discover the 7 tips that will help you get the most out of your references in “Your References ~ Be Smart, Ask First”!

The bottom line is, when it comes to your job search, it never pays to lie. Doing the work beforehand to make sure both your references and resume will honestly show you in the best light is your best course of action.

Not only will it help you impress any employer, it will also show you to be honest and forthright from the start. And that is what employers are looking for from their new hires!

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