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Can a Hacker Erase My Criminal Record?

Is it possible for a Hacker to "erase" your criminal record?
This question was recently posted on a popular Q & A site and, honestly, the question itself had us curious.

What was the the person who posted this really trying to accomplish? Did they actually think that “hacking” into a database and trying to wipe their criminal past clean was a viable option?

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Of course, the answer to that is no….and any reasonable person would recognize this. But then the question becomes, what is this person really asking, and why?

We believe the biggest of these questions is "Why", and it comes down to this, those with a criminal history are often desperate. They are looking for any way to get beyond the stigma of their past and make a fresh start. And this is especially true when they are trying to change and better themselves. 

Many with a criminal record find that moving forward and trying to get out of a dangerous neighborhood or find a job is often difficult and frustrating. We understand and empathize with this.

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So that is what we had in mind when we sat down to share our answer….

If by your question you mean could someone “hack” into an online database and completely erase your criminal record, the answer is NO. While it may be possible for the hacker to breach a particular site, criminal records are housed on many sites, both virtual and physical. 

There are many online databases that hold criminal records. Some are tied directly to the local and state courts where the offense occurred. Other sites are run by companies who collect criminal records for public access. There are many of these types of databases and it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get into each one and erase records. 

Then there are the physical sites to deal with. Courts hold their own “paper” records of court cases within their jurisdiction. These records would be extremely difficult to “erase”.

The more important question, however, is why you want your criminal records erased and what you hope to gain from it. If it is because having a criminal history is keeping you from achieving a goal ~ getting a job or buying/renting a home ~ we understand. If that is the case, there are better ways to go about it! 

If possible, you can pursue an expungement of your record(s). However, this will cost money and there are definite restrictions on the kind of records that are even eligible. Instead, you are better off to be prepared to deal with your criminal history head on

First, if possible, look for employers in your area that are open to hiring ex-offenders. If that is not an option, be ready to explain and mitigate your criminal past. Be upfront with potential employers. Be prepared to explain the circumstances surrounding your offense(s) and what you have done since then to change and better yourself. 

Find out more about what you can do to get hired when you have a criminal record in; Job Seekers: Do You Have a Criminal Record? Find out the Best Time for You to Tell Your New Employer!”.

You can find the original question and any other answers submitted here!

While we think our answer was on the right track, after posting it we realized we had not gone far enough.
It needs to be emphasized that “hacking” into any database is a criminal offense. Trying to take this action would simply add another charge to a person’s already problematic criminal history. So why try? It simply makes no sense. It is important to be smart instead. 
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Ex-offenders looking for a job will achieve a better outcome by following these suggestions: 
Take responsibility and be ready to explain any circumstances that lead to you committing your crime(s). When you are truthful, it is much more likely that the employer will put your past in context.  

But don’t let your conviction be the focus – stress what you’ve learned from the experience.   

Take the time to explain what you have done to reform. Share clear examples of any training programs you have completed or any certificates you have earned, even those earned while you may have been incarcerated. 

You should also include any letters of recommendation from employers, mentors, or even support group leaders. Be sure to emphasize any examples of your reliability and trustworthiness.  

What your potential employer is really looking for is anything you have done to show you have moved on and have done the work to improve yourself.

While sharing this personal information may be difficult, it can go a long way towards getting you a second chance.

For many employers, finding out you lied can be a bigger deal breaker than learning you having a criminal history. That is why being prepared and ready to take responsibility is crucial”. Find out more here!

Following these steps will show your desire to change for the better. Committing another criminal offense by trying to “hack” into your criminal records would definitely do more harm than good. 
While it is clear we certainly believe in second chances, it is important to recognize that there are employers out there who believe the same. 

These employers understand that people cannot only be defined solely by their pasts. Our greatest ability as human beings is being able to learn from our mistakes.  

We need to realize this as both employers and Background Check providers. We need to move past the notion that “Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal”. People can change. And giving them another chance can help make that change more permanent”, excerpt from “Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal ~ Why We need to Believe in Second Chances”.

While trying to find a job when you have a criminal record is most definitely hard, it is not impossible.
Ex-offenders may need to start small. Begin by taking any job you can get. Work hard and prove yourself. Then, when you are ready, try for a better job. You may still find employers who are not willing to take a chance on you, but keep going.  

It is important to persevere in order to get what you truly want ~ a productive and worthwhile future.

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