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The essay addresses the occurrence of catastrophic disasters on Java Island and investigates the legend surrounding a prophecy by the ancient Kediri Kingdom monarch Jayabaya. The prophecy states that Java Island will be divided in half. The author draws attention to current seismic activity, such as megathrust earthquakes and their possible ability to cause tsunamis up to 20 meters high. Although some people, like Ki Candan, accept that the prophesy might come to pass, they place a strong emphasis on the need for spiritual awareness and divine intervention in order to comprehend and be ready for such tragedies. It is significant to remember that the article offers a range of viewpoints and does not offer solid proof that the prophecy is accurate.

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"Stand Up, Reach Out" is a moving meditation on the Way of the Cross when dealing with a long-term medical condition. This intimate and realistic story examines the feelings, difficulties, and spiritual journey that people with chronic illnesses experience. The author invites readers to find comfort and meaning in their own suffering by sharing their own challenges, disappointments, and dreams. The reader is urged to cling to faith, look to a higher force for strength, and accept the assistance of loved ones at each station of the Way of the Cross. This encouraging resource serves as a reminder that, despite disease, there is potential for development, fortitude, and serenity in the promise of the Resurrection.