Sunday, April 21, 2019

It’s Earth Day! What can You Do to Help Save Our Planet?

Did You know… that on the average, Americans generate*:

4.4 pounds of trash daily each
728,000 tons of daily trash collectively
254 million tons of trash collectively in a year
22 billion plastic bottles thrown out yearly
300 laps around the equator of paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons a year

And in our workplaces, the numbers are just as staggering! 

The average American worker wastes 500 disposable cups and we could build a 12 feet high wall of office paper that would span from NYC to LA!
Startling isn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are definite things we can start doing now to help decrease these numbers and help our environment.

As Individuals We can:
Be More Energy Efficient ~ We can make it a practice to check windows for gaps and use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs whenever possible. Installing a programmable thermostat, changing air filters, shutting lights off when we leave a room, and unplugging small appliances when not in use will also help us use less energy and save money on our utility bills.

Conserve Water ~ Without even realizing it, we can waste gallons of water a day. And if we consider that waste of water collectively, as a family that really adds up. We can help reverse this trend  by not letting the water run while brushing our teeth, not overwatering our garden or lawn, and not washing our cars at home. Even fixing a dripping faucet can help. All these steps will help save water and lower our water bill.

Drive Less ~ Consider using public transportation and, whenever possible, walking or biking. This will save on gas and lower emissions into our atmosphere.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, and Donate ~ Before throwing something away, take stock. Can you use it in another way? Do you know somebody else that can use it, or a donation center that can give it a new home? Is it able to be recycled? Asking yourself these questions first can reduce greatly what you would unthinkingly just throw away.   

Buy from “Green”, Environmentally Conscious Companies ~ Let your money talk. Choosing to buy from or work with companies who are responsible about their impact on the environment can prompt other companies to do the same.

Buy Local ~ This is my favorite way that we, as individuals, can help save our planet! Frequenting local companies and buying local goods will save gas and lessen our carbon emissions. By shopping local for goods and services, visiting farmer’s markets, and eating at local diners, we are also helping our community too!

The important thing to remember is that even small changes can make a difference!

You can Make a Difference and Help Save Our Planet! “Tweet This”

But, even though these practices are a great start, it is not enough! 

Businesses must also do their part to help our planet, regardless of changing environmental law and regulations. Many are taking the initiative and stepping up. They are implementing environmentally conscious practices now and putting in place firm plans to do more in the future.  

For example, Starbucks has been very vocal about their efforts to help the environment. To that end they are working towards completely eliminating the use of straws in all their locations. And there are many other companies who are taking steps in their own businesses to lessen their effect on our planet.

But while environmental changes by big business might make the most impact, even small businesses are making changes to help!

As Small Business Owners, we are increasingly focusing on our communities and our environment. We recognize the impact that even small changes can make, especially when we all band together. 

And, (as an added benefit), “going green” may even help improve our image and our business by appealing to environmentally conscientious consumers! 

But sometimes we just don’t know where to start!

A great first step is to understand what changes we can make in our daily business operations to help.

What can You Small Businesses Do? 

Steps Small Businesses can take to help the environment ~
  • Control Energy Use
  • Use Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Allow Remote Working
  • Shop Local
Find out more about these steps and why implementing them is so import in “Earth Day ~ What Small Business can do to Make a Difference

Remember, We are all in this together!

We share this big, beautiful planet and must all find a way to do our part to protect it for ourselves and for future generations.

Each and every one of us can make a difference!

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