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Happy Holidays!

Wishing You the most Wonderful Holiday Season! Let it be filled with family, friends, and joy!

Here at Access Profiles we will be taking the next few weeks to refresh, renew, and recharge. We will be soaking up all the wonders of the season ~ both the quiet times and the chaotic times that, to us, mean "holiday"!

Our wish is that you will be able to celebrate in your own unique and thoughtful way too.

After the break, we look forward to bringing you more articles focused on you and your small business. 

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Top 5 Reasons You should Use Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks help you hire Safely and Effectively! “Tweet This”
Knowing as much as you can about the person you hire into your company simply makes good business sense.
Understanding the skills they bring to the table, whether they are honest, and if they have a criminal record that could jeopardize your company, are all good reasons to screen before you hire.

Still on the fence about the importance of employment background checks? Consider this..... 
Employment Background Checks will:
  1. Verify whether Your Applicant’s Resume is Truthful
  2. Help You keep a Safer Workplace
  3. Protect Your Company and its Assets
  4. Stay Compliant with Current Federal and State Employment Laws
  5. Protect Your Company from Potential Lawsuits
Discover more about the reasons a background check is so important to your hiring process here!

Hire Safely with Employment Background Checks
Once you understand the importance of using employment background checks, you need to determine whether you will screen applicants in-house or outsource them to a screening firm.

Doing them internally may seem like the way to go, but there are good reasons to hire an outside firm to do your background checks.
Not only are good screening companies more up-to-date with with the rules and regulations governing background checks, but they can also insulate you from discovering things about your applicant that are problematic when it comes to hiring.

Examples of this type of information are an applicant’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and other things that are are considered to be covered under the heading of “protected” classes.
When choosing your screening company, it is important to find one that will work WITH you, not just FOR you!

A good background check company will take your needs and your budget into consideration. They will also use the best possible sources to obtain their information and take the time necessary to do the job right!

Find out more about choosing a good background check company in “5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Background Check Company for You”. 

It is also important that you are compliant in using the information found in your background check report. 
While your background check company will be invaluable in keeping you on the right track, it is also best for you to be informed.

The keys to compliance are understanding the legal guidelines that govern employment background checks and that your applicant has very definite rights when it comes to the screening process.  

One of the most important of these guidelines is understanding what to do if your applicant has a criminal record that may keep them from getting hired.

There are specific steps you must follow and questions you must ask before you make your final hiring decision. Learn more about these steps in “You have your Background Check Report ~ Now What?”.

Employment Background Checks are a valuable tool that should be utilized in any company.
They will help you go into the hiring process fully prepared and ensure that your final employment decision is made with your eyes wide open. 
Is Your Company Ready?

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