Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our 5 Top Articles of 2017

It’s the New Year!
And what better way to look forward than to take a look back? 

Once again I will honor my yearly tradition and share with you our top blog articles from this past year. They are our top 5 in reader views, response, and engagement.  

Each of these pieces either dealt with some aspect of the hiring process or starting your own business. They shared tips on how to overcome any potential obstacles and how to turn them around and make them work to your advantage instead.

First up is “Hiring? What You should Do Now to Attract the New Hires You Need!”. 

In this article I shared why your hiring process is so important and how you can make it work FOR you instead of against you!

How you hire can say a lot about You and Your Company. That is why it is so important that you are aware of what yours is saying about you! Does your Hiring Process mesh with your brand and company values? Does it show your commitment to your employees, not just your bottom line?
Simply put ~ 
Are you doing enough during the hiring process to grab the attention of your best new hires?”.

Discover more about how to revamp your hiring process here!

In “Is Your Online Degree Valid?”, I explained the pros and cons of pursuing a degree online. 

While it certainly is much easier for many to take classes while at home or on the go instead of sitting in a traditional classroom, job seekers and employers need to be careful before committing to and paying for any online program. The biggest key to making it work for you is “do your homework” first!

The truth is, not all online degrees are created equal. Just as there are good and bad when it comes to traditional colleges and universities, the same can be said of those that are online. That is why before you commit to any online school, it pays to Do Your Homework!"

Your best tactic in making sure the institution you choose is legitimate and will meet your needs is to ask yourself these 3 questions first: 

  1. Is it an Accredited Institution?
  2. Will your Degree be Easy to Verify?
  3. Does the program fit your Career Goals?

Find out more about why the answers to these questions is critical to both job seeker and employers here!

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Our next article tackled why and how to best outsource your employment background checks. 

More and more companies are outsourcing their employment screenings to background check providers. A good screening company is an invaluable asset to your hiring program. However, it is important that you pick the right one for you!

In “How to Pick the Right Background Check Company”, I clear up some common and confusing questions concerning why you should screen your hires and tips to help you choose your background check provider.

A good Background Check Provider should:

  • Focus on Your Needs
  • Use Direct, Reliable Sources for their Information
  • Take the Time to Do It Right
  • Stay Informed on Hiring Laws and Regulations
  • Not Put Cost over Quality

You can learn more about what you need to know before choosing the right employment screening company for you here!

Why You Need to Contact Us Before You Hire!” was our most popular article of 2017! 

In it I shared what makes our company, Access Profiles, different from other screening companies and how we can help you hire safely and effectively in your own business.

At API, our passion is helping businesses…and our clients know it! Take a look at what they have to say hereWe believe in what we do and we care about you and your business. Our biggest goal is to help you succeed ~ it is what drives us and it is behind everything we do and why we do it! That is what helps set us apart”.

This dedication and focus seemed to resonate with you and I appreciate that!

I invite you to discover more about what we do and why here!

The last of our 5 most popular articles, “You will Learn a lot about You when You Start Your Own Business”, took a look at what I learned from my own journey into entrepreneurship ~ and what you can learn from your own!

All entrepreneurs have a story. While many are similar ~ we wanted to be our own boss or needed more flexibility ~ there are also others who are more unique. But no matter what, every story is interesting.”!

Not only can these stories encourage others thinking of starting their own businesses, but they can make you more approachable and interesting to perspective clients!

You can learn more about me and my journey here!  

These 5 articles where revisited often throughout the year and continue to be favorites among our readers. For that, and for so much more, we thank you! 

We also hope to continue providing you with more business tips and information in the coming year! And, if you are not already, please Subscribe Now! You will get one new article each week focused on You and Your Business. Thanks!

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays!

To close out 2017.....
There will be no new article this week as we take this time to celebrate with our family and friends, and we hope you are doing the same!

We will be back in the new year with fresh articles filled with tips and news to help You and Your Business.  
See You in 2018!!

Kim & Dave Kline
Access Profiles, Inc.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ready to Take Your Holiday Break?

Are You Ready for Your Holiday Break?

Another holiday season is upon us and once I again I find myself ready to shift my focus away from my business and place it squarely on my family and friends!

The prep is done and I am ready to soak in the wonders of the season...are you?

The Holidays can frazzle the best of us!
We find ourselves pulled in a million different directions. We have to make time for family, work, and friends. Not to mention the extra “holiday specific” tasks this season brings ~ decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping ~ and the list goes on!

The hectic pace definitely can take its toll!

And while I love everything that is “holiday”, I know it is not in my or my family’s best interest to let it wear me down.

That is why I am a firm believer in taking a Holiday break!

Time off allows me to thoroughly enjoy my favorite time of the year and get some much desired “me time”. To accomplish this I gradually lessen my workload and go into “wind down” mode for the rest of the year.

I recommend that, if possible, you all do the same!

The question then becomes….How?

Top Tips to Help You take the Holiday Break You Need! “Tweet This” 

It is possible to take the holiday break you need ~ and these tips will get you started!

All it takes is some serious pre-planning! Working overtime to complete outstanding projects, notifying clients in advance you will be taking time off, and even pre-paying any bills and invoicing for completed work will help.

While all that extra work certainly adds to the controlled chaos of my pre-holiday schedule, it is worth it!

As an added bonus, by the time my holiday break is over, I find myself more than ready to dive head first into the coming year”, excerpt from  “Need a Holiday Break? Why We All Require Time Off!”.

Learn more about what you can do to get away “work free” and “unplugged” in my article “8 Easy Tips to Help You Take a Vacation”.

The reality, however, is that not everyone can take their break during the holidays.

For some companies, this is their busy time of the year. They rely on holiday sales for much of their revenue and simply can’t scale back. 

I suggest these companies schedule a break after the season ends instead!

No doubt these business owners, and their employees, will be more than ready after the whirlwind holiday season. Some businesses may be able to coordinate company-wide time off. Others may need to employ a rotating schedule to allow everyone to take a break.

But no matter when or how, taking that break is important. It will re-energize and refresh you and, after it’s over, you will find yourself ready to get back in there give it your all!

To jump start my own holiday break, this will be the last article I share this year! 

Look for our next post to come out in the beginning of January! I hope to once again share with you new information and tips to help you and your business succeed.

We wish for each of you the time to truly enjoy whatever celebrations this season will bring! Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Need Help Starting Your Small Business? Contact Us!

Many people dream of becoming their own boss. 

They imagine the flexibility of setting their own hours. The freedom of taking their business in any direction they choose. And many, wish for the chance to do something that is meaningful and "speaks" to what is important to them. No doubt each of these goals sounds wonderful!

But oftentimes it is hard to know where to start.

Or, even if you do manage to get your business off the ground, obstacles can often get in the way that derail you from your goals.

This is where We can Help!
At Access Profiles, we offer Small Business Mentoring!

Our mentoring service was created out of what we saw as a real need. Many times our small business clients, and many of  the people we ran across, had a dream of succeeding as small business owners.

The trouble was, they didn’t know how to make their dream become a reality! 

For the past year or two, I have had people contact us who are thinking of starting their own small business. Most have been interested in a background check company, but others have been all over the board.

And if you have read any of our articles in the past, then you know that we believe in Paying it Forward.  

I have spent numerous hours on the phone and through email fielding questions and offering support to these budding entrepreneurs.  

It was during one of these phone calls that an idea began to form. My contact asked if I would be interested in actually mentoring her in starting her own business ~ and she offered to pay me for my time!

She wanted to “pick my brain” on the things I had learned in the past 20+ years and give her real guidance in getting her company up and running. 

This started me thinking ~ maybe I can start helping others on a more formal basis too.

And our Small Business Mentoring Service was born!”, excerpt from “Are You Ready to Start Your Own Small Business?”.

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Are You Ready to Start a Small Business of Your Own?
Whether you need help with one specific problem, or simply need real advice to help you get started, we are here!

At API we have developed a list of Mentoring Sessions designed to address the many issues faced when starting a business. These topics cover everything from Setting up Your business, Hiring and Outsourcing, Building Your Brand, and much more!

You can find a complete list of the mentoring sessions we offer at Access Profiles here!

We are also able to customize individual sessions, or an entire plan, just for you!

Do You already run Your own Business?
We can help you too! Our sessions can help you overcome those inevitable roadblocks and get you back on the path to success!

So, if you are ready to begin your journey into entrepreneurship, if you are on the fence, or even if you simply need help with your existing business,  Contact Us!

We are here to answer your questions and help you choose the best path for you! Let’s Get Started!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Learn Why You need to Do More than an Online Background Check

Online Background checks have their place!
Using them as a “jumping off” point to your employment background check can yield some valuable information. For example, you may discover places where your subject has lived and worked that were not mentioned on their application or resume.

But, for us, it stops there. Using the results of these “instant” checks exclusively to help you hire is not only unwise, it is bad business!

In fact, the majority of these online sites actually have a disclaimer that the results should not be used to determine employment.

So why would you take the risk? 
Instead, it is crucial that if you have opted for an online, “instant”, search on your applicant, then you need to follow-up with that all important Second Step ~ additional verification!

Additional verification is the key “to ensuring you get accurate and up-to-date information on the subject of your search. 

Checking any information found through a database search against real court records is crucial. It is truly the single best way to determine whether any criminal record found actually belongs to your subject.

It will also help you determine whether the record is complete. A good record should contain details of the charges, final disposition, and sentence. If no disposition is listed, then you will be able to determine if it is an active case where no disposition is yet recorded.

Databases may also not contain all the information you need. There are counties that either do not report their case information in a timely manner or not at all. That can result in major holes in your report”, excerpt from “Don’t be Fooled ~ Why You need to Know what is Missing from Your Online Search”!

Using inaccurate or incomplete information to make your employment decision is not only unfair to your applicant, it can hurt your company!
Relying solely on these online searches for your background check can have serious consequences for your business.

3 Top Dangers of Online Background Checks:
Inaccurate Information - Online checks can include information that doesn’t really belong to your applicant. Common names and a lack of identifiers included in the report (full name, date of birth, SSN) can cause problems when trying to conclusively match them to your applicant. Even the inclusion of legally expunged records is an issue. Many databases are not updated frequently enough to remove these types of records.

Missing Information - Many online checks are incomplete. They often contain no final disposition when it comes to criminal cases. And relying on arrests only when it comes to making a hiring decision is unwise. The case may have been dismissed or the person found not guilty. In addition, not all criminal cases are even included in these online databases. This may lead you to hire without all the facts.

Potential Lawsuits - Solely relying on online databases to make your hiring decisions can open you up to potential litigation. Any inaccurate or incomplete records used can be the basis of a future lawsuit from the rejected applicant or even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)!

Go to the Source before Making Your Hiring Decisions! “Tweet This”!

The best advice is to make no hiring decision before you Go to the Source!
Taking this extra step will ensure you get the best information possible from your employment background check to help you hire safely and effectively!

And API can Help! Contact Us for more information on our Background Investigation services and how they can help You and Your Business!

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