Physical & Nuclear Security Consulting Services

The security of your business is 
vital to its success.  

Whether you need help remotely or on-site, API can provide you with the Physical Security and Nuclear Security Consulting Services you need.

Physical Security Consulting Services

Access Profiles Inc. was established in 1996 and provides Hiring & Job Search Services, Small Business Mentoring, and both Physical Security and Nuclear Security Consulting Services. We are prepared to provide your company with exceptional professional services in a cost-effective manner including, but not limited to, the following: 

Cost Optimization Efforts: Access Profiles can assist you in cost reduction activity related to physical security staffing and services. We have experience and insights regarding protective strategy review and security staffing. We can provide services for development or review of 10 CFR 50.54(p) Physical Security Plan changes and we can provide interface with the regulator to address any of the regulators concerns.

Regulatory Security Inspection Readiness Review: Our team is experienced with the NRC security baseline inspection procedures. We offer readiness reviews to identify any potential inspection
deficiencies or areas for improvement for future inspections. We can provide licensees with support during the inspection activity. Our team can also support self-assessments as subject matter experts.

Force-on-Force Readiness Reviews: Access Profiles has extensive experience in developing target sets and would be a valuable resource for annual target set reviews as a member of the Target Set Analysis (TSA) team. We are experienced in all aspects of Force on Force inspections and can develop project plans as well as facilitate table top exercises and develop challenging scenarios. We can also conduct controller assessments and help you with any training enhancements needed. We also provide Local, State and Federal law enforcement liaison services.

Independent Investigations: Our team is experienced in conducting independent investigations. We can provide independent assessments regarding operational and regulatory allegations as well as safety conscious work environment allegations.

Contract Administration: Access Profiles can provide your company with security contract administration including developing a request for proposal, contract bidding, contract bid evaluation, and any required transition planning. We also have experience with collective bargaining labor agreements
and contingency planning.

Employee Turnover: Our team can help your company improve security employee retention with the
right matched team engaged and moving in the same direction as your company.

We are here to answer your questions and help you succeed with cost effective solutions.

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