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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again ~ a time when we  celebrate the holidays and are both nostalgic and excited to close out the old year and welcome in the new!

For us at API, it is our favorite season of all!

It is a special time that many of us fill with family and friends. We decorate our homes with holiday lights and enjoy the quiet times just enjoying their glow.  

For many it also means taking a break from our work or even our own small businesses.

But perhaps our favorite is the time is spent in reflection and wonder. Remembering holidays past with loved ones who may no longer be here. Looking back on what we have accomplished or wished we had. But also looking forward to what the new year will bring!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, our hope is that you have time to relax, enjoy, and do all the wonderful things that this holiday season has to offer!

So, from us at Access Profiles to all of you ~ We wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a safe and successful New Year!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Wishing You the most Wonderful Holiday Season! Let it be filled with family, friends, and joy!

Here at Access Profiles we will be taking the next few weeks to refresh, renew, and recharge. We will be soaking up all the wonders of the season ~ both the quiet times and the chaotic times that, to us, mean "holiday"!

Our wish is that you will be able to celebrate in your own unique and thoughtful way too.

After the break, we look forward to bringing you more articles focused on you and your small business. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We appreciate you!

See You in 2019!!

Kimberly Kline
Access Profiles, Inc.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day ~ What Small Business can Do to Make a Difference

Earth Day - What Small Business can do to Make a Difference

April 22nd is Earth Day!
What began 22 years ago as a protest against the negative environmental impacts of our nation’s industrial development has now morphed into a global movement to save our planet.

According to the official Earth Day site*, over “1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. It is a day of political action and civic participation. People march, sign petitions, meet with their elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads”.

Businesses and governments also pledge to make efforts to help. 

And if you own a Small Business, you can also take steps to Make a Difference!

As Small Business Owners, we are increasingly focusing on our communities and our environment. We recognize the impact that even small changes can make, especially when we all band together. 

And “going green” may even help improve our image and our business by appealing to environmentally conscientious consumers! 

But sometimes we just don’t know where to start!

A great first step is to understand what changes we can make in our daily business operations to help.

Small Businesses can:

Control Energy Use
We can start by tracking our energy and water use. This information will help find areas of waste and develop a plan to help you improve. And there are apps to help with that. Contact your local utility companies to find out more. We can also make it company policy to turn off or “hibernate” electronics and shut off lights when not in use.

Use Environmentally Friendly Products
Switching to laptops and other small electronic devices over desk tops is a start. We can also use rechargeable batteries, recycle paper, and try to reuse packaging material like boxes and folders whenever possible. Donating or recycling our old electronics is good practice.

Allow Remote Working 
If it is at all possible, giving your employees the flexibility to work from home, at least periodically, is a great way to cut down on the environmental impact of driving, or even using public transportation, to work. As an added benefit, It is also a welcome perk that can help you attract quality hires to your small business. Find out more in “4 Reasons Why Job Seekers will want to Work for Your Small Business!”.

Shop Local
Supporting other local, small businesses can also help our environment. Buying your supplies from local merchants helps cut down on fuel used in delivery. The same goes for buying your supplies locally. Even outsourcing or contracting work to local companies can help.

What You and Your Small Business can do to Help Our Planet!

But to really have an impact, it is important that you and your small business make your efforts to “Go Green” a part of the way you do business everyday!

And while it is certainly important that our Small Businesses do what they can to make a difference when it comes to helping our environment, it is also important that we, as consumers, do our part.

And one significant way we can help is to also Shop Local!

Shopping local is good for our communities and our environment!

When we Shop Local, we have the opportunity to make a huge impact on our environment and in our community. It is also a great way to promote Small Business.

Shopping Local uses less fuel. 
The markets and shops we visit are right in our own neighborhood. The fuel used by trucks that carry the goods from the local farmer or manufacturer is also lessened. When we buy local, we conserve that energy.

Local goods use less packaging. 
Whether it is the produce from a local farmer’s market or some other good from a neighborhood store, the packaging is often minimal when compared to nationally sold goods.

Shopping Local helps our Community.  
By frequenting local merchants, we become active and important members of our neighborhoods. We become acquainted with the owners of those businesses and they get to know us. This creates a real sense of “community” and connection.

Shopping local keeps our money “in town”. 
Money we spend at a local storefront or farmer’s market is a true reinvestment in our community. In this way we can have a real economic impact in helping support and grow local business”.

Learn more about how Shopping “Small” pairs perfectly with Earth Day in “Save Our Environment ~ Shop Local!”.

Protecting and Improving our environment needs to be a group effort. 

We must recognize that we are all in this together. Our government, our businesses, and our people need to all do our part to save our planet and our resources.

We can Do it Together!

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*Source 1:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Considering Growing Your Business? What You Need to Know Before You Start!

Don't Expand Your Business Before You ask Yourself These Questions!

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?
When you start a business, you have a lot of hopes and dreams about where it will take you. You imagine things like financial security, doing something you love, and even just being your own boss.

Running your own business also comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are important decisions that need to be made concerning your business. There are the day to day tasks such as dealing with customers, overseeing inventory, invoicing, and paying bills.

But perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make is deciding if and when it is time to grow your business!

When it comes to growing and expanding your business, it is never wise to go in blindly. There are things you need to carefully consider before taking that step, and tips to help you if you ultimately decide to proceed.

If you get to the point where you start thinking about making that leap, then it is crucial that you take a good long look at your business first. And the best way to do that is to ask yourself some hard questions!

Before Deciding to Grow or Expand Your Business, Ask Yourself:

  • Are your existing products and services effective, or would you need to provide new ones?
  • Is your brand established?
  • Does your business have a strong and recognizable presence?

But perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself is….
Can You handle the Risks that come with Growing Your Business?

Know the Risks before You Expand Your Business! “Tweet This” 

Growing your business comes with certain risks ~ if it didn’t, everyone would do it! These risks can effect both your Personal and Professional lives.

Personal Risks
It is important that you realize that in your quest to grow your business, you will not be the only one to feel the strain. Increased stress, health issues, time commitments and a seeming lack of control can all effect not just you but your personal relationships and commitments too.

Professional Risks
When you choose to expand your business, you open it up to potential business risks. These can impact your finances, customers, and employees.

That is why it is important to consider the following:

Your Business “Health”
Is Your Business Healthy enough to Sustain Growth? Making sure you really know the ins and outs of your company’s finances is essential. Do you have the capital, or will you need to borrow to fund your expansion? Have your profits continued to grow to the level where growth makes sense and are they consistent? Will the potentially altered timing of money in and money out create too much of a financial strain? 

Your Clients and Customers
Are you able to keep your current customer service up to par during the expansion? Will the increased demand on your time cause your customer service to go downhill? Without attention to this potential problem, your customers may begin to feel neglected.

Your Employees
Are you and your workforce up to the challenge? Do you have the necessary manpower to cover the expansion or would you need to hire? If you need to hire, will you consider temp or seasonal hires instead of committing to full-time ones?

Change is hard. You may find that your employees are uncertain or even fearful about the expansion. They may not even have the skills necessary to be successful during this transition. Growing your business can put a strain on your existing workforce that you have not foreseen.

So, before you commit to the expansion, it is essential that you dig deep and be completely honest with yourself about your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Taking the time now to identify and understand the personal and professional risks associated with expanding your business, and whether you and you company is ready for them, makes you better informed on whether it is the right time to proceed. It also gives you the opportunity to come up with solutions to solve, or at least mitigate, these risks. 

However, it is important to remember that while there are risks in deciding to grow your business, there are also great rewards.

Expanding your business brings the potential for greater revenue, a larger voice in your market, and the personal and professional satisfaction of taking your business to the next level. It can give you a pride of accomplishment that is hard to match.

The key is to go in with your eyes wide open. 

Only after understanding the risks and rewards can you then think about going forward with your business expansion plan ~ and taking these steps will help!

Before You Begin:

Consider consulting an intellectual property attorney
Make sure your tagline and brand are trademarked and that any patents and / or copyrights are in place. 

Develop a Detailed and Precise plan
Decide what kind of business growth makes sense for you and your company and what you need to do to get there.

Here are 5 options you should consider:

DiversifyYou could add to your existing products or services, or choose to offer something completely new. Just make sure whatever you do is in line with your brand and your business goals.

Target New MarketsWhile you are currently having success with the market(s) you now serve, it might be time to consider something new. Focusing on a completely new market can give you just the growth push your company needs.

Buy, Merge, or Partner with another BusinessWhen you buy, merge, or partner with another business, you are immediately pooling your resources, services, and your markets. This grows your customer base and your collective skills and experience.

Open Another LocationThis can be risky but, if done right, can yield great rewards. It is important that you first consider the additional costs involved in acquiring the new location and the additional employees needed to run it. 

Increase Your Social Media PresenceThis can be a great “first step” for many businesses looking to grow and expand. Having a broader online presence can get you noticed and help you build credibility and recognition.

Learn more about how these tips can work for you in “
5 Steps to Help You Grow Your Business”.

No matter what you choose, the key is to pick the business growth options that work for you and your business. Focus on the ones that take into consideration both the risks and rewards that make sense.

There is no doubt that Growth and Expansion are ultimate goals for most business owners and entrepreneurs. But you must not go in blindly. 

Taking the time to ask yourself the hard questions, being honest with yourself about the risks, and ready with solutions to potential problems will go a long way towards making your quest to grow your business successful.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Equal Pay for Equal Work ~ Still an Issue in 2018!

Is the United States finally Ready to close the Wage Gap?

Equal Pay for Equal Work.  

Seems like this should be an easy concept to grasp. Anytime two people are hired to do essentially the same job, and they bring equal skills to the table, then they should be paid an equal wage.

This, however, is not the reality for many working women. Instead, they are low-balled when getting hired and continue to be underpaid when compared to their male contemporaries. 

Screams of discrimination, doesn’t it?

And what is even more telling is that this is definitely something that would not be accepted if that person was paid less based on their race or religion, not simply their gender!

But there are still those who continue to believe that the gender pay gap is fiction. They believe that women make less than men, even when doing the same jobs, due to their own choices and nature.

These naysayers cite many reasons for wage disparity. But the most common mentioned are that women tend to work in stereotypically lower paying “female” jobs, women are less capable of excelling in a corporate environment, and that men have more burdens to support the family.

The AAUW (American Association of University Women) has studied these excuses and found them largely baseless.

Now more than ever, women are working in many industries that have been typically “male”. They are capable, and indeed excel, when given the chance to hold supervisory, management, and executive level roles. In fact, they often bring to the table a different, and needed, perspective. And the belief that in today’s world men are still the sole or primary support of the family is simply not true. 

Many women are single parents or primary wage earners who are responsible for their family. There are also a large number of women who, along with their partners, need to work to keep their families afloat. Then there are single women who are solely responsible for their own financial futures.

The reality is that while the wage gap continues to effect women in many ways, the biggest effect is economic.

In an article shared by the AAUW (American Association of University Women), these 3 statistics stand out:

  • Women Earn less than Men across the board
  • The Pay Gap increases with Age
  • The Pay Gap effects both Women with Children and Women without Children

“Wage disparity effects our families, especially those where a woman is the primary or sole wage earner. Making less than what we are worth, limits the money available to many of us for even the basics ~ home, food, and education.   

And this difference also impacts retirement. Women, who on average live longer than men, have less money to fund their later years. Less base salary means less going towards 401k contributions. It also means less available for long-term savings”.

Find out more about the economic impact of the gender pay gap in "Discrimination ~ Gender Bias Keeps Us from Earning What We are Worth!”.

It’s Time to Eliminate the Gender Pay Gap! “Tweet This”

Now is the time to truly make the Gender Pay Gap a thing of the past. 

And that is why the EEOC and many states and localities are taking action. 

3 Ways the EEOC and States are Trying to Close the Gender Wage Gap:

  • Prohibiting Employers from Asking for Past Salary History
  • Redefining “Equal Pay for Equal Work”
  • Eliminating Pay Secrecy

Salary History
Prohibiting employers from asking for salary history tops the list of changes necessary to help close the gender pay gap. The practice is often touted as a way to perpetuate the underpayment of women.

When women start off making less, and then a new employer bases what they offer on that past salary, women continue to be underpaid. 

However, if employers are prohibited from asking about past salary, then that cycle has a better chance of being broken.

Find out more about current efforts to ban the question of Salary History in my recent article “Are You still asking for Salary History? Why You should Stop Now”!

“Equal Pay for Equal Work”
States are looking at what “Equal Pay for Equal Work” should really mean. Currently it is thought that equal pay should apply to people doing “substantially similar” jobs. This basically means they are similar in skill level, responsibility, and working conditions.

Proposed legislation seeks to change that. They are now considering that Equal Pay should apply to “work of comparable character”, a much broader definition.

Eliminating Pay Secrecy
I first discussed the issue of pay secrecy back in 2016.

In “What States are doing to Get Tough on the Issue of Equal Pay”, I shared how the EEOC was being joined by some states, especially Massachusetts, as advocates for Equal Pay. Banning pay secrecy was one of the hot topics being addressed.. 

“The MA law, and similar laws in other states, also bans pay secrecy. Employers in those states can no longer keep their employees from discussing salaries. And these employees also have recourse if they are fired because they shared what they make with others.

Some companies believe that keeping salaries private is necessary to curbing resentment from those that make less. But instead, pay transparency is seen as a way to reveal wage inequality and help close the pay gap.  

When employees are permitted to be completely open about what they make, pay inequity is less likely. It can also make employers more vigilant in their efforts to pay women equally.”, excerpt from “What States are doing to Get Tough on the Issue of Equal Pay”.

With these new and changing trends, Employers should take note!

You need to be vigilant and stay abreast of the federal, state, and local laws concerning the wage gap anywhere you do business. Compliance is essential to protecting your business from litigation and in ensuring you are treating your employees fairly.

But, as conscientious and ethical business owners, should we really need laws and regulations to tell us to do what is right?

Essentially, we know how we should treat others, and most of us try to live our daily lives this way. But when it comes to the laws and regulations that govern our businesses, things can be less clear cut.

Laws change. They can change because we elect a new president or new state and local officials. They can also change when new justices are appointed.

Suddenly existing labor laws, regulations, and guidelines may come under fire. Minimum wage laws may change. Guidelines concerning equal pay, workplace accommodations, and even what is considered a “protected class” may fluctuate under a new administration.

But does this mean our businesses should follow suit?

The bottom line is, why should we need laws and regulations to force us to run our businesses ethically? Shouldn’t we simply want to do what is right and treat all our employees fairly?

And doing what is right is to pay women an equal wage.

Is Your Business Ready?

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Need Help Starting Your Small Business? Contact Us!

Many people dream of becoming their own boss. 

They imagine the flexibility of setting their own hours. The freedom of taking their business in any direction they choose. And many, wish for the chance to do something that is meaningful and "speaks" to what is important to them. No doubt each of these goals sounds wonderful!

But oftentimes it is hard to know where to start.

Or, even if you do manage to get your business off the ground, obstacles can often get in the way that derail you from your goals.

This is where We can Help!
At Access Profiles, we offer Small Business Mentoring!

Our mentoring service was created out of what we saw as a real need. Many times our small business clients, and many of  the people we ran across, had a dream of succeeding as small business owners.

The trouble was, they didn’t know how to make their dream become a reality! 

For the past year or two, I have had people contact us who are thinking of starting their own small business. Most have been interested in a background check company, but others have been all over the board.

And if you have read any of our articles in the past, then you know that we believe in Paying it Forward.  

I have spent numerous hours on the phone and through email fielding questions and offering support to these budding entrepreneurs.  

It was during one of these phone calls that an idea began to form. My contact asked if I would be interested in actually mentoring her in starting her own business ~ and she offered to pay me for my time!

She wanted to “pick my brain” on the things I had learned in the past 20+ years and give her real guidance in getting her company up and running. 

This started me thinking ~ maybe I can start helping others on a more formal basis too.

And our Small Business Mentoring Service was born!”, excerpt from “Are You Ready to Start Your Own Small Business?”.

Do You Dream of Starting a Small Business? Start Here! “Tweet This”

Are You Ready to Start a Small Business of Your Own?
Whether you need help with one specific problem, or simply need real advice to help you get started, we are here!

At API we have developed a list of Mentoring Sessions designed to address the many issues faced when starting a business. These topics cover everything from Setting up Your business, Hiring and Outsourcing, Building Your Brand, and much more!

You can find a complete list of the mentoring sessions we offer at Access Profiles here!

We are also able to customize individual sessions, or an entire plan, just for you!

Do You already run Your own Business?
We can help you too! Our sessions can help you overcome those inevitable roadblocks and get you back on the path to success!

So, if you are ready to begin your journey into entrepreneurship, if you are on the fence, or even if you simply need help with your existing business,  Contact Us!

We are here to answer your questions and help you choose the best path for you! Let’s Get Started!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Do You Know Small Business?

Do you think you know all there is to know about Small Business?
You might want to think again!

Small businesses, just like their owners, are unique.

Many small business owners create their products or services to fill a void in what the “big boys” have to offer. They dedicate themselves to meeting the needs and desires of their clients and customers.

This results in a kaleidoscope of small businesses that offer a wide variety of goods and services that truly speak to their customers and their specific needs.

And while every small business is different, there are still things that hold true across the board.

Small Business Owners……
Learn a lot by running our businesses ~ the need to budget, to delegate and/or outsource, and to build strong relationships.

Believe in the Benefits of Doing Business with Small Business ~ great customer service, commitment to quality, pride in ownership, sense of community, and specialized goods and services.

Understand the Need to “Band Together” ~ we find power in numbers, join local networking groups, and share our knowledge and advice.

Recognize the Benefits of “Shopping Small” on our communities and the environment ~ shopping local keeps our money “in town” and helps our environment by cutting down on packaging and shipping.

Dedicate themselves to Hiring Safely to Protect their Businesses and Customers ~ small business owners understand that screening their employees is the best way to keep their workplace and customers safe, while protecting their company brand!

Learn more in "5 Truths about Small Business!".

Now for the big question…..Do You Support Small Business?
Why You should Support Small Business! “Tweet This”

Supporting your local small businesses means supporting your neighbors and your community!
Visit your local coffee shop. Buy hardware from that family-owned shop down the street. Even quality business cards and stationary can be found within your community.

Increasingly you can even “shop small” outside your immediate neighborhood!

Most small businesses have websites and online shops where you can make purchases or check out their services. These sites help extend the reach of small businesses around the country and make it easier than ever before to support small business! 

You can even ask questions about the products or services they offer ~ and will most likely get a personal response directly from the owner or a trusted employee! That is the touch that many larger companies can’t replicate!

So, while we celebrate small businesses on Small Business Saturday, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn't “shop small” all year long!
After all, helping our small businesses succeed helps each of us too ~ and  our neighborhoods and communities will be stronger for it!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Why Celebrating Labor Day needs to Include Small Business!

Labor Day is when we celebrate the 
American Worker. 
We honor the many contributions they have made, and continue to make, to the strength and resilience of our country.

We recognize their struggles to make a life for themselves and their families. We admire their work ethic and their focus. And we realize that without their hard work, our nation could not function.

As Small Business owners we understand this. We know that without our employees, we cannot succeed. We value what they bring to our companies and try hard to reward their dedication.

As a group, Small businesses employ many different types of workers. They hire employees just entering the job market; full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal workers; those looking to re-enter the workforce; and even non-traditional employees.

That is why at Access Profiles we believe that when we celebrate Labor Day, we should also be celebrating Small Business! 

3 Reasons why Small Business & Labor Day are Perfect Partners:
  • Small Businesses are Vital to our EconomySmall Business employs “over 50% of the current working population (according to Forbes) and have created more than 63% of the new jobs in the U.S. since 1993” (
  • Small Businesses Recognize the Importance of their EmployeesSmall Business owners recognize the need to appreciate their employees.  They work more closely and rely more heavily on them than bigger businesses.
  • Small Business Owners Embody and Reward a Strong Work EthicThey recognize hard work in others because they need to work hard themselves.
Learn more about why Small Business is so important to our country and its workers in “Labor Day and Small Business are a Perfect Partnership”!

It is for those reasons that this and every Labor Day we should also remember to honor our nation's Small Business owners!

Small Business Owners forge their own path. They create their own success with a fierce focus on the future ~ and they won’t let anyone get in the way of what they want to achieve.

Being an Entrepreneur means You won't Be Stopped from Reaching Your Goals!
"Tweet This"

So this Labor Day as we celebrate our nation’s hard working men and women, let’s not forget our Small Business owners and their day-to-day contributions. After all, their dedication and drive are traits that truly match our American spirit!

Happy Labor Day to All!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Celebrating Our Small Business Independence!

Business Owners value our Independence!

Other than the love and dedication to our families, our businesses are what drives us, worries us, and sustains us. Daily, we celebrate our ability to create something that is ours and to take it in the direction we want to go. 

We relish the idea that we are able to build a company that speaks to our core values and fulfills our biggest goals.

For us, that has always meant creating a company that is dedicated to helping others achieve their own entrepreneurial dreams ~ and that is still our ultimate goal today.

So this 4th of July, we are celebrating our, 
and our fellow entrepreneurs, own Independence Day!

We are celebrating our independent spirit and embracing our entrepreneurial freedoms. 

That is why we believe that Independence Day really speaks to Small Business Owners.

We believe in and appreciate the rights we have in this country to pursue our dreams ~ and owning our own businesses are a large part of those dreams!

We recognize and continue to fight for those freedoms. We cherish the opportunities that allow us to reach our goals and build something of our own we can be proud of.
We believe Small Business Owners are trailblazers, and nothing says “independence” more!

"I personally celebrate the freedom and independence I feel in running my own business.  The ability to pursue my own dreams is unequaled.  To me, this is true independence", quote from "Independence and What it Really Means to Your Small Business"!

Small Business Owners Celebrate Our Independence! "Tweet This"

We leave you with one last thought from our article on Independence and Small Business,

"This 4th of July, while we celebrate the independence of our nation, let us also remember that it is alive and well in the hearts, minds, and businesses of our Small Business Owners - our innovators, our inventors, and our instigators!".
Happy Independence Day!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

It's Vacation! Are You Celebrating?

Taking a vacation is not only good for you, it is good for your business!

When you get away, you are able to recharge and return to your business refreshed.

But that does not mean it is always easy to take the break ~ and that is especially true if you are a business owner.

In fact, many business owners are hesitant to take the vacation they sorely need. Some question who will take the reigns when they are gone, even if it is only for a week. Others keep putting off getting away ~ waiting for the proverbial "right time".

But, as we all know, there is rarely a perfect time for anything!

However, it is possible to take steps to help plan for your time away, keep your business running smoothly, and take that break you need.

And since I have been a small business owner for over 20 years, I have come to realize that I not only need time off, I deserve it.

First, it was important to find a way to plan for my time away. That is when I came up with "8 Easy Tips to Help You Take a Vacation ~ and Why You Should"!

These steps helped me decide the best time for my break, notify clients in advance that I would be taking time off, and even pre-schedule social media and complete outstanding work before my trip. Getting these things, and others, done first gave me peace of mind and helped me enjoy my time off without worry.

For me, and many of my entrepreneur friends, that peace of mind and chance to get away is crucial! "As an entrepreneur, taking some time for yourself makes sense. Too often we put our own needs on the back burner. And that can have consequences on both our health and our mental well being", excerpt from "It's Vacation Time! Are You Ready to Break Away from Your Small Business?".

So when it is finally time for you to pack it up and get away, it is important to make the most of it ~ and here is where a little pre-planning and a good mindset come in handy!

6 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Work-Free Vacation! "Tweet This"

6 Vacation Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Break from the Office:

Decide if, When, & How You can be Contacted 
Since you would have already notified your clients, and arranged for their needs to be covered, make sure that anyone who may try to get in touch with you understands that you are limiting how often you are checking messages and emails. Try to keep it to no more than once a day. After all, the goal is to relax!

Take some time to Learn about your Destination 
Make a list, or at least a mental note, of the interesting things about the area. Get excited about what there is to see and do. Really learn what makes the place you choose special. This can be anything from landmarks, activities, and even food. Make the anticipation and planning part of the excitement of traveling. 

Decide How You will get There
For short trips, you will want to get there as quick as possible. But for a longer time away, you can be more flexible. The type of get away you are planning will help you decide if a "road trip" will work or is it all about getting to your destination? For me, every vacation (even a "mini" one) begins the moment I step into the car or am on my way to the airport. I am firmly in "vacation mode". So, whichever you choose, doing a little planning here can help set the tone for the entire trip. That is why making this portion of your trip as stress-free as possible makes sense!

Pack Right 
While your destination definitely dictates the kind of clothing and extras you will need, it is always easier to pack light. Be sure to choose outfits that stay wrinkle free and you feel good in. This helps keep you in a relaxed and positive vacation frame of mind. Besides, packing light will leave room to bring home your favorite souvenirs!

Be Open to New Experiences 
Make new friends, do something out of the ordinary. Really want to try that zipline? Go for it ~ even if no one else goes along! Try new, local foods. Stretching yourself, and even stepping out of your comfort zone, will help make this vacation exciting and memorable!

Do What Makes You Happy 
If you are traveling alone, this is easy. But even with a group, you need to be a little "selfish" now and then. Don't want to do the group "dining experience"? Stay back. You may even want to Do Nothing! That is okay! Your mind and your body needs this time to relax, refresh, and recharge. 

When you own a business, your life may not always seem like your own. You can find yourself without much down time and your days can feel like one endless task after another.

You Deserve More!

Bottom Line ~ 
Taking a vacation is good for you and your business! That is why you need to break away. Whether it is for a glorious week or two, or simply a long weekend, time off will help soothe your mind, your body, and your soul!

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