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Do Companies contact Current Employers when doing a Background Check?

 Is your current employer contacted during a background check?

Job applicants have often asked us this question. They are worried that their current employer will find out they are looking for a new job and their job will be in jeopardy.

That is why when asked to weigh in on a question covering this very topic on Quora, we wanted to set the record straight.

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Does the agency conducting background checking contact your current or previous boss (employer)?

Here is our answer: "Contacting previous employers is a vital part of the majority of employment background checks. That is why you should expect that any new potential employer will at least contact anyone you worked for in the last 7 to 10 years. So be prepared. However, when it comes to contacting a current employer, things are different. Instead of just proceeding, it is common for the hiring company to ask for permission to contact your current employer first. This protects you in case you do not get the job or you decide to reject a job offer".

You can find more answers to this question here!

There is no doubt that job applicants have a valid concern when it comes to their current employer finding out they are looking elsewhere. 

The chance that their current job may be put in jeopardy, without another offer and acceptance in hand, is bound to cause angst. That is why it is so important to know the facts first.

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Many background checks involve checking an applicant’s employment history.

And the best thing anyone applying for a job can do is to be prepared ~ and that means creating an honest and accurate resume and knowing before you even apply what previous employers will say about you!

“What information past employers may say can sometimes be a wild card, and no one wants any unwelcome surprises when they are applying for a job. That is why knowing in advance is your best bet.

It is important to contact any company where you have worked for at least the past 7 to 10 years to verify what they will release to anyone doing a background check. Is it limited to job titles and dates of employment? Will they verify reason for leaving or comment on work performance?

Learning this information will give you that chance to make any corrections needed on your resume before a background check discovers the discrepancies. Find out more about why and how to do a background check on yourself in “Why, When, and How You should Run a Background Check on Yourself!.

Being forewarned about what your past employers will say about you will give you peace of mind to go after that new job or promotion. And all it takes is a little work on your part first!

Learn more about what you need to know concerning employment background checks here!

Your entire resume also needs to get this same level of attention.

It is important that everything you list be entirely truthful. No matter what the temptation to “embellish” or alter the information to somehow make yourself look better, don’t do it! Your lies will be discovered and you will not only lose the job your reputation can suffer.

“Verifying the information on your resume is common practice and part of most company’s hiring processes. Investigating your education, past employments, and skills top the list. 

It is time to take note ~

When your resume lies are uncovered during the hiring process, you lose.  

And, if discovered later, you could face not only the embarrassment of getting fired, but also the possibility of public humiliation"excerpt from “Employers Share ~ Lie on your Resume and You Lose!”.

Instead, you need to make sure your resume is “background check ready” before you even apply. That means you need to:

  • make sure your resume is “clean” 
  • never list a degree you didn’t earn 
  • make sure all past employment are accurate
  • know what your past employers will say about you
  • be ready to mitigate any employment gaps, negative reviews, or inaccuracies

Learn more about how to get your resume “background check ready” here!

It is also wise that if you have left a company on bad terms or you have gaps in your employment that you are proactive and honest. Explain the situation clearly and succinctly, highlighting anything you have learned from the experience and what you have done to move forward. The key is to not have a “wait and see” attitude but to take charge and be prepared.

Employers have no interest in jeopardizing the current employment of any job applicant. They understand that until you are offered and formally accept a new position, your current job is important to you.

“Spilling the beans” to your current boss about your job search is just not on their agenda.

Instead, these companies will act responsibly. In doing a background check, their ultimate goal is make sure any potential employee is honest and has the qualifications to do the job ~ and contacting your current employer is simply not necessary to achieve this goal. Do you have more questions about Employment Background Checks? Contact Us Today. We can Help!

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