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Need a Background Check? Find out when and how to choose the right company for you!

 When is the best time to choose your Background Check company? 

The short answer is this ~ long before you are ready to hire! And here is why….

Imagine this, you are ready to make a new hire for your Small Business. You tell your network, place ads ~ all the things you hope will land you the perfect applicant.

You contact a few hopefuls to come in for an interview and find three possible candidates. But before making your new hire, you decide it might be wise to run a background check first.   

You make a few calls, or check online, and find a company you think will get you the information you need.  

What could be better? But instead of being a good way to hire for your business, this is actually a perfect example of what NOT to do!

Our advice? The best time to contact us, or any screening company, is long BEFORE you ever need to hire!

Many companies get this backwards. They realize they need to hire, then scramble to find someone to help them screen their applicants ~ or worse, forgo the background check all together.

Meeting with potential background check companies before hand, and choosing the one best for you, will make your hiring process much smoother and more successful!

A good background check company will help you put in place all the steps you need to follow well in advance. This may start with the job descriptions for each position within your company (this is something that we have helped clients with in the past), and should also include advising you on your  employment applications.  

They will also make sure your release forms are compliant, or supply you with one of their own, along with explaining employee rights when it comes to background checks, adverse action letters, etc.

Connecting with your background check company early also gives you ample time to ask any questions you may have about the employment screening process. There should never be any confusion about how and why you are using background checks in your hiring practices.

Going the extra mile to make sure you are completely comfortable with the entire process is the goal of every good screening service ~ and this is especially important to Small Business.

With limited budgets and the settings that often result in close contact among employees and customers, hiring safely is more important than ever. 

Read “4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Use Background Checks” to find out more!

No matter whether you are ready to make your first hire, or your 20th, preparing early  for what you need to do and when makes sense. And the best way to accomplish this? Partner with the right background check company first!

After all, going into anything blindly is rarely the best course of action ~ and making your new hire is no exception!

Choose a Background Check company that will work WITH you, not just FOR you! "Tweet This"

Want to know how to choose the best background check company for you and your business? The key is to find one that will work with you every step of the way!

You should understand first and foremost that not all Background Check Companies are created equal. And many small business owners are confused or fearful of choosing the wrong one. But it is possible to find one that is a perfect fit for you and your small business. 

You should choose a company that:

  • focuses on your needs
  • uses direct sources for their information
  • is willing to take the time necessary to do their job right
  • understands compliance issues
  • does not promise prices that are “too good to be true”

Learn more about choosing the best background check company for you here!

Outsourcing your employment background checks is simply good business. It will give you access to their knowledge and experience, keep you updated on compliance issues, will help you keep your candidate and employee information confidential and protected, act as a barrier against discrimination claims, and, most importantly, save you time, money, and resources.

Learn more in “5 Smart Reasons to Outsource your Background Checks”!

No matter which screening company you choose, it is always best to do some research long before you really need their services. Having one in place before looking for your new hire will give you time to integrate the background check into your hiring process and be prepared to move quickly when a candidate looks promising. And that is good for both you and your potential new hire!

Still have questions? Contact Us Today! We can give you the information you need and help you hire safely and effectively for your Small Business.

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