Monday, May 6, 2013

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Use Background Checks

Are You using Background Checks to Hire in Your Small Business?
If not, Why?
Maybe it is because as a small business owner you mostly hire “people you know”, or you think that Background Checks are just “too expensive” for your Small Business.

Neither of these arguments is true. Using Background Checks is actually a cost-effective and sound business strategy for any Small Business, and here is why......

4 Reasons Why Background Checks and Small Business make Great Partners:
  • Small Businesses have a Limited Budget for Hiring and Training 
Most Small Businesses operate on a tight budget. Resources are split among the many costs associated with running a business - payroll, insurance, utilities, and more.  

Wasting any of your funds on hiring and training the wrong candidate is simply bad business. Using a Background Check as part of the hiring process can help eliminate some of this waste.  

A good Background Check will help you in two basic ways. It will save you money and time. Advertising costs will be reduced by eliminating the need to re-post a position due to making an initial “bad hire”. You will also save the time it takes to train what turns out to be an unqualified or unsafe candidate.

  • The More "Intimate Setting" of a Small Business Requires Safer Hires
Many times, Small Businesses have their employees “wear many hats”. Employees may have their hand in many different aspects of the business. That puts them in contact with more co-workers and customers. This practice also gives these employees access to company funds and possibly sensitive company information.  

As a Small Business Owner, a Background Check will give you the tool you need to avoid a potential problem. You will know whether your new hire has a history of violent or abusive behavior. It can also forewarn you of past incidents of embezzlement or other crimes that could jeopardize the stability of your company.
  • Background Checks Help Small Businesses Avoid Litigation.  
Businesses are increasingly being sued due to the behavior and actions of their employees. There have been news stories of how employees have stalked a co-worker or stolen from a customer’s home.  

Remember...Your employees Represent Your Small Business.  "Tweet This"

You need to make sure that how they interact with your customers and their co-workers is as safe as possible. Background Checks can give you a “heads-up” to past behaviors that may put your company at risk.
  • Small Businesses Rely Heavily on their Reputation  
Your customers rely on your honesty and integrity, and will keep doing business with you because of it. Having unsafe employees can ruin that reputation. If your company is not taking the time to hire wisely, customers will notice. If your reputation is ruined or tainted by the actions of your employees, it is hard to bounce back. 
Small Businesses especially have to be vigilant in protecting the good reputation they have built.
By using Background Checks, Small Businesses can avoid making many of these missteps. 

A Background Check company can help. They will work with you to develop the sound and cost-effective hiring program you need. See our article on what to look for in a good Background Check company here.

The bottom line is this...being forewarned is being forearmed, and this is a good position to be in for any Small Business!

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Now you know.....Background Checks and Small Business make great partners! Find out for yourself and learn more about Background Checks and Small Business by visiting our website. You will find out more About Us and our Background Investigation Services too!  

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