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Are You using Online Background Checks to Hire? Learn why You need to Stop Now!

"Instant Background Checks Here!"
You see them everywhere. Ads touting “totally free”, “instant”, or "low cost" background checks. They all promise to get you information on anyone at any time.

Just do an online search for “Background Checks” and you will see what we mean. Over 40 million results pop up from “$9.83 for Unlimited Searches”, “Background Checks - Search for Free!”, to our personal favorite, “Instant Background Checks - 100% Free”! Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

And if you are hiring for your small business while trying to work within a budget and pressed for time, then you might be tempted to give it a try. But take our advice, and Stop Right There!

Your Online Database Search is Missing Something Essential ~ the Second Step!  
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That online background check is simply not enough. It is essential that you take an all-important "Second Step". 

And that step, additional verification, is where a real, quality Background Check shines. Additional verification is vital in ensuring that you get the accurate and up-to-date information you need.

Checking any information found through a database search against real court records is simply good business. It is the single best way to determine whether any record found actually belongs to your subject.

Court records will also be more complete. They will contain identifying information, such as date of birth, of the subject. The court record will also list details of the charges, final disposition, and sentence. If no disposition is listed, then that additional verification will determine if it is an active case where no disposition is yet recorded. Online Databases are often missing the information you need and that can result in major holes in your report.

The bottom line is this ~ You need to do more than an "online" background check before making any hiring decision. Find out the many reasons why here!

In fact, using the information in an online search in your hiring practices is not only irresponsible, it goes against the "rules" set forth by these sites. Many online background check services have fine print in their “terms of use” that states that they are not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and their information is not to be used for employment purposes. Ignoring that disclosure is not wise.

And while a database search may still seem like a cheap and quick way to go, relying solely on that information to make your hiring decisions can get you and your company into hot water.

There is the real potential of running afoul of the EEOC and possibly violating state and federal employment screening laws when using an online database.

Is there any doubt then that taking that Second Step is critical? And while it is possible for you to try and go through the courts yourself for that Second Step, your best option is to find a good Background Check company that can help.

They will already know the ins and outs of navigating the court system and can more easily get you the information you need. They will also be completely up to date on all compliance issues and make sure your company is hiring both safely and effectively.

Ready to find the best Background Check company for you and your Small Business? Using these 5 Tips will help.

There is a definite difference between an Online Database search and the kind of information a real Background Background check will provide.  
Taking that extra step is the only way you can be sure that the information you have is complete.

And if you are using those results to hire someone for your Small Business, then it is more critical than ever that you know you are basing that decision on the best information possible.  

Both You and Your Applicants deserve nothing less! 

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