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What should You do if your college doesn’t respond to a Verification Request?

What would you do…..

You’ve been offered the job. After seemingly endless months of submitting your resume and rounds of interviews, you finally see an end in sight. Only one step remains, and that step is for you to pass the employment background check.

Everything seems to be going well until your screening hits a roadblock ~ your hard earned degree can’t be verified! Of course you know you graduated, so what can possibly be the problem? 

In an attempt to get your screening back on track, you reach out to your contact. And what do you find? You learn that the university has simply not answered their query.

So, what can you do?

This question was posed to us on Quora and this is our response:

"If a university, college, or other educational institution does not respond to a request for a verification, you do have some options. First, you can contact the institution yourself for an explanation. It may be that they require a signed authorization permitting them to release this information. Or, and this has happened, they refuse to release information due to an unpaid bill (even a library fine). No matter what the reason, finding out first hand can go a long way towards remedying it. If you get no satisfaction through the institution itself, which is unlikely, another step you can take is to provide your own verifying information. Official copies of your transcript, diploma, etc. might be acceptable to a potential employer. However, the best step of all is to know before you even apply for a job if there will be any “glitches” during the background check. That means contacting the university, high school, trade school, etc. where you claim a degree or certification to find out what information they have on file and what they will provide to a potential employer. Address and fix any issues that arise. You should do the same with your past employments and even your criminal history. The idea is to not be confronted with any “red flags” when you are looking for your next job. Good luck!"

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Encountering road blocks during your background check is undoubtedly frustrating. But the reality is that they do happen.

Your best bet is to be prepared first. And that means doing a background check on yourself first, creating a “background check ready” resume, and, above all, being honest every step of the way!

Have You ever Considered Doing a Background Check on Yourself?

There are many reasons why you may want to know what is "out there" about you. You may be considering college or buying a home. You may even want to volunteer at your child's school. But the most common reason by far is when you are thinking about applying for a job or trying to get a promotion.

The question then becomes, How?

Many employers use Background Checks as part of their hiring process. Most of these employers are looking for past criminal histories and validation of your employment and education claims. Some also do searches on driving records and social media presence.

Do you know what they will find?

Your best defense is a sound offense. Before you apply for any job, you will probably update your resume, research the company where you are applying – all in the hope of putting your best foot forward. Why not add a Background Check to that list?

Your background check should include the following:

  • Criminal History check
  • Education verification
  • Employment history
  • Driving history
  • Internet Search

Learn more in “Why, When, and How You should run a Background Check on Yourself!”.

Once you know what a background check will find, your next step is to make sure your resume is in complete alignment with that information….and these tips will help!

5 Rules you should follow to make your resume background check ready:

  1. Make sure your resume is “clean”
  2. Never list a degree you haven’t earned
  3. Make sure all employments listed are accurate
  4. Know what your past employers will say about you
  5. Be ready to mitigate any employment gaps or inaccuracies

Learn more about how you can use these steps to create your perfect resume here!

But no matter how much prep work you do, the most important thing when it comes to applying for and landing a job is that, above all, you are honest.

When your resume lies are uncovered during the hiring process, you lose. And, if discovered later, you could face not only the embarrassment of getting fired, but also the possibility of public humiliation.

Employers are understandably wary. Making a new hire, or promoting an existing hire, is a big deal. It costs money and time. And every employee is a reflection back on the company’s image and brand. No company wants the employer/employee relationship to begin with a lie.

These are the Top 5 Resume Lies that can keep you from getting the job:

  1. skills and responsibilities
  2. degree / diploma
  3. dates of employment
  4. job title
  5. past employers

You may think these are simply “little embellishments” or “close to the truth”, but no matter how you look at them, they are still lies.  And employers take notice!

Lying on your resume is never wise and it is often viewed as a mark against your honesty and integrity. 

Employers want to hire someone they can trust. If their first impression of you is one of deception, then your chances of getting hired are slim.

Discover more about the importance of honesty in your job search in “Employers Share ~ Lie on your Resume and You Lose”.

Preparing yourself for the inevitable employment background check is an important part of your job search. It should be given the same intensity and focus that you applied towards getting the education, training, and experience that now makes you a great candidate for the job.

And all it really takes is a little preparation before you apply! Good luck!

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