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Thinking of Starting or Revamping Your Small Business? We now offer Business Mentoring 
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No matter what kind of business you have, you will find Mentoring Sessions on the list below that are sure to work for you!

These sessions will answer your questions and give you a Step by Step guide to help you accomplish your goals.

Mentoring Session Options
General Small Business Sessions:

Running a Small Biz (Overview only) - Specific information Requires Individual Sessions as listed below
~ Pros / cons of starting & running your own small business
~ Pros / cons working from home
~ Pros / cons of being a solopreneur or having a partner
~ Tips and tricks to running a successful small business

Setting up your business (Overview) - Specifics Require Individual Sessions
~ Choosing a business type
~ Contracts
~ Privacy Plan (See Creating a Privacy Statement)
~ Marketing Plan (see Marketing Your Small Business)

Services (Overview) - Specifics require Individual Sessions
~ What will you offer?
~ Piecemeal or Packages - pros / cons
~ Getting Paid - invoicing, options

“Week in the Life” of a Small Business Owner ~ Running a Business/ Background Check Co.
~ What I do
~ In-house or Outsource (which I choose and why)
~ When I do it (day to day tasks, time allotment)
~ Why I do it
~ Building my brand / image (how it effects business decisions)

~ What I outsource and what I keep in-house & why
~ Taxes / Accountant
~ Social Media / Blogging
~ Temp Hires

Marketing Your Small Business (Targeting Business Opportunities) ~ Overview 
~ Steps to Determine Your Plan of Action
     ~ Your Focus
          ~ Services (See Services Session option)
~ Brand 
~ Niche Marketing (See Niche Session option)
~ “Selling” Your Business (see Session Option)
~ Your Ideal Client
~ Marketing Tools You can Use
~ Social Media / Blogging 
(See Session options available)
~ Networking / Local Connections
~ Spread the Word
~ Cold Calling
~ Email Marketing

Social Media ~ for Business (your Brand) (overview)
~ each of the below may be requested as a more in-depth individual session
     ~ Facebook
     ~ LinkedIn
     ~ Instagram
     ~ Twitter
     ~ Social Media pre-scheduling 
     ~ Hootsuite / Buffer

Marketing ~ Your Niche
~ set yourself apart
~ know your goals, interests, strengths, weaknesses
~ finding your target audience

Blogging (overview) ~ each of the below may be requested as a   more in-depth individual session
~ Platform
~ Content
~ Image / Visuals - Canva, PicMonkey
~ Sharing across social platforms

Special Requests ~ a customized session or a request for a workshop

Special requests must have prior notice
Cost for special session based on subject matter and preparation 
~ to be agree upon by both parties in advance

Background Check Company Specific Sessions:

How to Do a Background Check (overview ~ to be conducted in 2 separate sessions)
Session 1:
~ Login
~ Preparation
~ Research
Session 2:
~ Generating Reports
~ Reading Criminal Reports & Creating Your  Own (See Reading & Creating Criminal Reports)
~ How to Use the Info. (Compliance / Safety (General)  (see Creating Compliant Release / Disclosure Forms)
~ overview of individual forms (release, reports, invoices)

Mock Background Check
~ step by step guide to completing a background check
~ takes you from Client Request all the way to invoicing
~ Sample Documents provided (refer to “mock” release, authorization w/identifiers, resume, criminal record reports, and background check reports) (mock reports supplied by API)

Creating a Compliant Release (Authorization) / Disclosure Form
~ Release / Authorization
~ What to Include / Exclude
~ Stand Alone Document?
~ Disclosure of Applicant Rights
~ What to Include
~ When to Provide to Applicant

Understanding & Creating Criminal Court Record Reports
~ Understanding relevant information contained in reports
~ Generating Your Report(s)
~ What to Include
~ Most Important Information
~ What to Avoid
~ Importance of Being Compliant

Civil Record Checks
~ Why Do Them and When?
~ What can You Find? (County / Federal level)
     ~ Civil Litigation,  Landlord / Tenant
~ How to Run a Civil Court Record Check
Compliance (overview) ~ each of the below may be requested as a more in-depth individual session
~ Ban the Box
~ Signed Release
~ Applicant Rights
~ Individual Assessments
~ Convictions vs Arrests
~ Fitting BG check to Job ~ Job description importance
~ Avoiding EEOC lawsuits ~ you and your client

Background Check Company FCRA Compliance (ongoing updates)
~ Accuracy  & Compliance Guidelines
~ Prohibition on Reporting Inaccurate Information
~ Duty to Correct & Update Information
~ Duties After Notice of Dispute from Consumer
~ Duties After Notice of Dispute from CRA (Reporting Agency)

Online Databases / Courts (Overview) - Pros & Cons
Specifics require Individual Sessions
~ Direct Court Check
~ Employment / Education records 
~ Search Systems
~ Rapid Court

PII ~ Personal Identifying Information (2 + sessions required)
~ What is PII?
~ Safe Handling of PII
~ Consequences & Corrective Actions for breach of 
           PII protocol
~ Minimizing Use, Collection, & Retention of PII
~ PII Employee Training
~ Your Company Privacy Statement (see Creating Your Privacy Statement)

Creating Your Company Privacy Statement
~ What to Include
~ Overview (Purpose of Your Policy)
~ Key Elements of Your Policy
~ Company Name & Contact Information

Obstacles that can Delay Background Checks (and the Solutions)
(Overview) - Specifics Require Individual Sessions
~ Resume & Application Errors
~ Timing of Your Request
~ Manual Court Checks
~ Individual Court Dynamics
~ Employment & Reference Checks
~ Incomplete Case Information
~ Power Outages & System Maintenance
~ International Requests
~ Government Shutdowns
~ Changing Legislation

Marijuana & Background Checks
~ Latest State and Federal Laws (why you need to know & include all states where you do business)
~ Marijuana & Your Employees
     ~ Impairment on the Job
          ~ importance of Workplace Observation
~ Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
~ Recreational Marijuana
~ What Employers Should Do
     ~ Importance of Drug and Drug Testing Policies
     ~ Employee Training

How to "Clean Up" a Background Check
~ Expunged Records (and the limitations)
~ What Job Seekers can Do
     ~ personal background check
     ~ resume tips
     ~ mitigating information

“Selling” the Need for Background checks to Potential Clients (overview)
~ each of the below may be requested as a more in-depth individual session
     ~ Why do background checks
     ~ Why Outsourcing BG checks (instead of internal) Makes     Sense
     ~ Workplace Safety ~ violence & drugs in workplace, bullying
     ~ Re-screening existing employees
     ~ Cost Effectiveness ~ High cost of resume lies or hiring the wrong candidate
     ~ Accuracy questions ~ why to go directly to the source vs online databases

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