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Rock Your Online Connections Using these 4 “Personal Touch” Tips

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We all know the value of the “Personal Touch”.  We use it as a way to really connect with others.  The very best of these relationships develop into a real two way street.     

Most importantly, the “Personal Touch” is all about the way we make those around us feel. It is how we make sure they know they are important to us and that we value them.

This is not only essential in our personal lives, but also in our Small Business

However, the reality of the world we live in is that we don’t always meet our customers or clients, at least not face-to-face.

Truthfully, there are many people I currently do business with that I have never met. These clients have found me online and have used my services all without ever having met me in person. In addition, there are even more business connections that I have conversed with on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  

Do I value these connections? Yes, most Definitely! Do I wish I could have the chance to meet them “in person”? I would have to answer YES to that too!

There are benefits to seeing someone face-to-face that are hard to duplicate.  

When you meet someone in person, you are given the chance to “read” them. Their eye contact, facial expressions, even the way they stand or cross their arms send out strong signals. These are real clues as to what they are thinking. 

And when it comes to business, there is no doubt that there are even more benefits to meeting face-to-face.

You can discover more about the Business Benefits of "Face-to-Face" here!!

So what can you do if meeting your clients “face-to-face” is NOT a reality? Can you still gain some of these benefits in your online working relationships without it? 

Building a personal and profitable business relationship solely through social media and written communications may be hard, but it is possible. The key is to find ways to recreate that “Personal Touch”.

4 Tips to Help You Build that "Personal" Relationship with Your Online Connections!

Tips to Bring "Personal Touch" to #OnlineConnections

Be Genuine!

This is Number 1 in my book!  And absolutely the best way to do it is to put YOURSELF out there.  You are Your Brand and company.  Being accessible, honest, and true to yourself will translate in the written word.

Keep in Touch  
Through email or messaging, make sure your clients and even your social media connections know you are thinking about them.  You can do this by sharing some relevant content that will help them or simply dropping a quick note to check in.  And don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!  Either way, the important thing is to stay in touch and make sure they know you care.

Pay It Forward
Help your connections by regularly connecting them with each other.  For example, if one of your clients or business connections has a problem, look to your other connections for ways to solve it. They will thank you and you will go a long way towards building a stronger and more close knit relationship.        

You can find out more about how to “Pay it Forward” online here.

Comment and Share Often 
Go beyond the “like” and comment on the posts and pages of others.  Let them know what you thought, good or bad.  Simply opening up that give and take is what matters.  Just make sure that your interest and thoughtfulness shine through!  You can also Share their posts.  This is a step beyond simply leaving a comment.  Any author will appreciate you sharing their work!  And you will find that it elevates your connection to a new level. As a blog writer myself, believe me, they will thank you for it. 
Remember, you can get beyond a simple online connection and really engage. All it takes is some work on your part and a focus on the “Personal Touch”. 

And I believe the extra effort is worth it. Good Luck!

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