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Can You “Edit” your Background Check?

Is it possible to “edit” or change your background check report?

This question was recently asked on a popular Q & A site and it got us thinking.

Do people really think they can change the results of a background check report to either make it more “favorable” or correct any errors?

So we decided to weigh in, and here is our answer…

“If you mean can you question or dispute any of the findings contained in a background check, then the answer is Yes. It doesn’t matter whether the investigating company is HireRight or another screening service, you have the right to dispute the findings contained in that check.

However, you cannot simply “edit” that report yourself. If you find that your background check report contains errors, you need to immediately inform the employer that the report has errors. In fact, it is your right to not only dispute the findings but have the chance prove the findings are false or provide information to mitigate them.

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) requires employers to follow a specific process when they are confronted with information that might negatively impact their hiring decision.

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Before making a final decision, Employers must:

Notify you, in writing, that negative information was found during your background check.

Provide you with a copy of the background check report, including contact information for the company that provided the report.

Provide you with a copy of “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act”.

Allow you a minimum of 5 business days to provide proof that the information found is in error or mitigate the findings with additional information.

So, while you cannot simply “edit” a background check, you have every right to refute the findings and have the chance to prove they are in error”.

The fact is that, unfortunately, background check errors do happen! 

Job seekers can find themselves confronted with misinformation found in their background checks. They are then forced to prove not only that the findings wrong, but also to keep these errors from popping up again. This can be stressful and hard to do.

It is simply not possible for you to go in and “edit” or alter any information contained in your report after the fact. And while 

So, if you are looking for a job, or even being offered a promotion, it is best that you learn how to tackle this potential issue head on. And while it is your right to dispute and “fix” any errors in your background check, the better course of action is to be pro-active instead!

Be Proactive! Check your Background Check report for errors before you apply for any job!

“The best way is to Do a Background Check on Yourself before you ever even start your job search!

Hiring delays are never in your or an employer’s best interest. The wait keeps you both in limbo. You are stalled in your job search and the employer is unable to hire for the position they need. 

Taking the time before you apply to make sure that any information “out there” about you is factual simply makes sense for you both!

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It will prevent you from being unduly surprised and allow the employer to more quickly get the information they need to make an informed hiring decision. 

By pre-doing a background check on yourself, you will be able to see exactly what an employment background check will uncover and give you the opportunity to double check the results and see if they are accurate”.

Once you receive your report, it is essential that you check it for any and all errors. 

Possible errors may include:

  • Misspellings of your name
  • Incorrect or Missing Date of Birth
  • Missing or Incorrect Social Security Number
  • Incorrect Past Addresses
  • Criminal Charges attributed to you in error

If you find any discrepancies, then now is the time to fix them….and here is where you need to have proof.

This proof should include:

  • Documents listing your legal name
  • A full list of your past addresses and your dates of residence at each
  • If incorrect criminal history is found ~ obtain a copy of the record directly from the court and find out how you can get any errors corrected
  • If education /degree history is in error ~ contact the school/university directly to get the record corrected and obtain a report from them that shows your updated/corrected information

And then make sure that your resume is “Background Check Ready” moving forward. Find out more in “Errors in your Background Check Report? Find out what You need to do Now”!

Background Check errors do occur. That is why your best bet is to know what is “out there” about you and fix any problems before you even apply for any new job or promotion.

Not only will it save you unnecessary worry and frustration, it will increase the chances of getting the job!

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  1. How do you remove a person from your background? Can I legally disown a child and delete them from ever showing up as a relative?


    1. While you can certainly "legally disown a child" that in no way would "delete them from ever showing up as a relative". Connections would still exist "out there" and could be uncovered during a background check.


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