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How You Can Use Your Small Business to "Pay it Forward"!

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"Paying It Forward" 
is one of the Core Values of our business.  
We have found that it is possible to use API 
to help other Small Businesses, 
while still working on our own.  
And it is not as hard as you think!  Read on.......


These words speak to me.  I have found that the greatest way to realize success myself is to help others achieve theirs.

While I believe many of us feel this way, we are simply not sure where to begin.  We find it easy to “pay it forward” within your own circle of family and friends.  But how can we take it beyond our “inner circle” and truly make a difference?

I put this question to myself and found a path that works for me.  I decided to focus my efforts on helping other small business owners

Use Your Small Business to start a “Pay it Forward” cycle of success!  "Tweet This"

4 Tips to Get You Started:

1.  Use Your Social Media Sites
I started my path in small ways.  I actively “liked”, commented, and shared the posts and blogs of others through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In this way I was able to help others find the engagement and audience they needed to get the word out about what they do.  I continue to try and do this daily.  This is a very easy step, but can really make a difference.

2.  Shop Small
I also am “buying small” more often.  I have purchased jewelry, soaps, and greeting cards through small businesses both online and in my neighborhood.  Then I make sure to put a review on their company page or website, and also share it on my own page to let others know of my experience.  Besides helping these businesses, I have found some great new products this way!

3.  Share Other’s Blogs and Articles
I feature other blog writers in my online paper and on Twitter.  I search for articles within my social network connections and make sure to feature them in my latest edition.

To get more traffic to their blog, I also share the paper through all my social media channels.   I also post their articles directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.  I then make sure to let the authors know they have been featured.

4.  Promote Other Small Businesses
I often use quotes from other small business owners in my blog articles.  My goal is to help promote their business by letting others know a little more about who they are and what they do.

I also joined a local Small Business Networking group.  We share ideas and help each other reach our goals.  

Each of these 4 steps is designed 
to help where I can.  
Selfishly, I have found I love it!

This doesn’t mean I don’t focus on the success of my own business, but I find that wanting to “pay it forward” to others and my own goals need not be mutually exclusive.

I close with these words:  

And, for me, that makes the most sense of all!

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