Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Want a Background Check, Now What? What Your Provider Needs to Know!

You have done your research and are sure you have found the perfect Background Check company for you.  

(If you missed our article about selecting the right BG check company for you you can find it here). However, it is not unusual for you to still have questions.

Any time we work with a new client, we want them to feel completely comfortable with the entire background check process. By this point we have already explained what our company will provide them, the cost of our services, and other pertinent information about our procedures. 

The most frequently asked question then becomes, “What do we need to do to next?”. 
Before we get into the actual background check, it is important for you to determine the following two things:
  • Your Budget
When deciding on your budget, it is important to keep in mind the cost of the background check services and the position you are trying to fill. 

By now we would have already advised our clients on the importance of a carefully crafted job description in the screening process, and this is where that hard work pays off (read more about this here).  

Knowing in advance what duties your new hire will be responsible for will help you determine the necessary scope of your employment screening. This then helps set your budget.

  • Your Goals
Next you need to take into consideration your goals. Is this hire to be long-term/full-time, or a more short-term or seasonal hire? Is it your goal to simply make sure your applicant does not have a criminal past or do you want to verify more? Identifying exactly what you want to know about your applicants is key.

Understanding both your budget and your goals is a necessary first step ~ and these both need to be shared clearly with your background check provider.

Now you are ready to start the actual background check. For each subject you send, you will need to make sure your background company knows what you want to verify. A brief email containing this list and the following information will get the ball rolling.
  • Signed Release ~ This is #1, and the jump start to any good background check.  You can use your own or one provided by your background check service. Either way, it is important that the release is compliant with current federal and state laws (a good background check service will help with this).  
  • Identifying Information ~ This includes complete name (and any prior names used), date of birth, and social security number. These are essential in making sure that any information found is absolutely that of the applicant.
  • Past Addresses ~ This helps determine in what states/counties to run the search. Going back 7-10 years is the norm.  
  • Resume / Application ~ This is necessary if checking things like education/certifications, past employments, and references. For each of these checks you require, the more information supplied by your applicant the better. A contact name and email address for each education, employment, or reference listed should also be supplied by the applicant. 
  • Driver License # and State of Issue ~ This is needed only if you require a driving report on your applicant.
Once your screener receives this, they will proceed with your request and, most importantly, you will then receive the information you need to make a great new hire.

By making sure your background check company has what they need, you are helping to give them the tools to provide you with accurate and quality information.

And this makes for a great partnership!  

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