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Being a Mom Will Teach You all You Ever Need to Know About Running a Business

Every Mother’s Day, 
I find myself reminiscing.  

My children are now grown, but I can remember the joyful, fun, and sometimes chaotic, years when they were little. Housework was often at the bottom of the list and there were days I felt successful just getting them dressed and fed. 

However, as with anything worthwhile, I find that I would not have traded the experience for the world.  

What I have also found is that being a Mom has taught me a lot. Not just about what worked for me and my family, but many other things that have helped me run my business.

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7 Lessons that Being a Mom Taught Me about Business
Lesson 1 ~ There is Never a “Perfect” Time  
If my husband and I had waited for the “perfect” time to have children, we may still be waiting! You will rarely find the "perfect time" for anything. Instead, there are simply times in your life where your best course of action is ACTION.  

This has served me well in my business. I continually remind myself that you can prepare all you want, but at some point you just have to jump in!
Lesson 2 ~ The Best Laid Plans ......  
While it is great to have goals and outline the steps you need to take to reach them, having children taught me the value of being adaptable. Learning to roll with things instead of fighting against them made my life so much easier.

It has been much the same with my company. Understanding that things often do not go as planned has saved me a lot of stress ~ and it certainly allows me to enjoy the adventure.
Lesson 3 ~ Patience Really IS a Virtue  
As I am sure many of you can attest to, kids move at their own speed. Trying to get them to hurry up was futile. I realized that most things would not be done on my schedule, and that was okay.

This has been an invaluable lesson when dealing with my clients too. I can respect what works for them and alter my work accordingly. Trying to push them into making decisions before they are ready serves neither of us.

Lesson 4 ~ Listening is Key  
With my children, I really had to stop and listen, with both my ears open and my mouth closed. Taking the time to pay attention to what was important to them helped them feel valued and helped me understand what they were really trying to say.

My clients like the same attention. I make sure to focus on what they are really saying, not on what I want to hear. This helps me find out where they are coming from and how I can address their needs.

Lesson 5 ~ I Don’t Have to “Keep Up” with Others  
Comparing myself and my family to others was a no win situation. So your friend’s child can play the piano at 3. So their house is “house beautiful”. So what?  

The same can be said of your business. Evaluating your company against what another company is doing can be counter-productive. What is important is deciding what is important to You.

Lesson 6 ~ Celebrate the "Little" Wins 
Raising my children helped me realize that even small things can bring joy. I remember the sense of accomplishment I would feel after a great day. Reading with my children before they would go to bed or sharing a joke with them all made me feel happy and satisfied.  

Your business “wins” can be the same. Maybe you got a new follower to your blog, or a great comment from a reader? Or maybe a potential new client contacted you for more information? No matter what it is, all deserve to be recognized for what they are...Wins!   

Lesson 7 ~ I am a Master Manager 
I had to learn early to appreciate my children’s different personalities and abilities. By allowing them freedom to make decisions and contribute, they grew confident in themselves. And, needless to say, my negotiating skills are through the roof!   

This has also proved invaluable in dealing with my clients. Clients like being treated as “unique” and treating them as individuals has made a difference. I enjoy discovering what they are all about and tailoring my services to match.

Being a Mom has been the most rewarding and best learning experience of my life.  

The satisfaction of seeing my children grow, and the unparalleled love I feel for them, has undoubtedly changed me. And I am a better person for it.

But what has really surprised me is that being a Mom has also given me the tools to run my business in a way that suits me and, hopefully, my clients.  
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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