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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Background Check Company For You

How to Find the Right Background Check Company for You!

Tips to help You Choose the Best Background Check company for You and Your Business.

The key is to find one that will work WITH you, not just FOR You!

Not all Background Check Companies are created equal, and many small business owners are confused or fearful of choosing the wrong one.  But it is possible to find one that is a perfect fit for you and your small business.  

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You Need to:

  • Choose a company that really takes your needs into consideration.  Pretty basic, huh? A company that pushes its most popular “package” may not be listening to what you really need. The truth is, not every position in every company requires an “all encompassing” check on an applicant’s past. A good Background Check company will meet with you and listen to what you want, suggest how to use a background check to achieve that goal, and implement a Background Check that you both agree upon.  Discover more about fitting the Background Check to the job "One Size Does not Fit All ~ Why You Need to fit the Background Check to the Job"!  

  • Ask yourself this question – How does this Background Check company obtain the information in its reportsDo they use a 3rd party? Do they contact the courts directly? How do they verify education and employment history? There are definite benefits to using a company that verifies all criminal and civil records through the court system. Direct court information is more reliable and accurate than the “instant” online searches currently popular. Recent news stories illustrate cases where companies are being sued for the inaccuracies in Background Checks obtained through these “instant” searches. Many Background Check companies may use the instant records as a starting point, but the truly good ones will go the extra step and contact the courts to verify what that initial report finds. These same principles can be applied when checking how a Background Check company verifies education and employment. Nothing beats direct contact with the source.  Find out more about this here!

    • Remember, not everything good comes easy! The fact is, not all records can be obtained instantly, or even in one day. Verifying many court records, past employments and degrees earned takes time, and the release of that information is on their timetable, not yours. Any Background Check company that promises all results in 24 hours should raise a “red flag”.  

    • Be sure the the Background Check company understands compliance issues and stays informed to help you and your company avoid liability. A reputable Background Check company needs to constantly stay updated on state and federal laws covering the collection and use of Background Check data, especially those concerning past criminal history. Keeping up to date, and helping your company do so, is an important part of choosing the right Background Check company for you.

    • Remember “cost isn’t everything”! A “package” at a ridiculously low price may seem tempting, but what are you getting? A good Background Check company will work with you to supply the information you need at a cost you can afford.  The bottom line – the recruiting, hiring, and training of the “wrong” applicant is much more costly.

    Using these five tips, and a little work on your part, will help you choose a Background Check company that is a true partner in your company’s hiring process. 

    If you missed Part 1 in this series on "Why" You Need to Use Background Checks, be sure to check it out here.  And in Part 3, you will discover "How" to use that Background Check in your Hiring Process here!

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