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You can Use Background Checks to Protect Your Family and Your Home ~ Find out How Here!

It is that time of year are off from school for the summer, vacations are planned, and home improvement projects are in the works. You may be considering sending your children to summer camps or having in-home care to help. Contractors may also be both in your house and on your property.
Do you know what you can do to keep your family safe?

Do Background Checks!
Background Checks are not just for Companies.  There are definite, "real life", ways you can use them to help protect your home and family. Take a look......
At a recent lunch, a fellow small business owner said she was intrigued by our business and wanted to know more about it. As we talked, I happened to mention how I was trying to expand my clients to include individuals, not just companies.

Her reaction? “I didn’t know people could hire background check companies!” She had always thought that only other companies would use our type of services.

When I started to mention the various ways people would benefit from using background checks, I could see that “light bulb” go off!

This got us thinking. Most likely, many others believed the same thing ~ and nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The reality is that Background Checks are a useful tool for anyone.

Background Checks are Not Just for Companies!  "Tweet This"

For one, Background Checks are a great way to protect your family. They can be used to determine whether a nanny or other in-home caregiver has a criminal record or other things in their past that could cause problems.

Most families that hire caregivers through an agency assume that background checks are already part of the package. Don't just take them at their word. You need to verify this and, even if the agency conducts screening, find out how this screening is done and what is checked.

If an online database is used, make sure the results are verified directly through the courts. 

Find out more about the limitations of online databases in "Don't Be Fooled ~ Why You Need to Know What is Missing from Your Online Search"!

Also question how far back the records searched go and if the courts in the caregiver's previous places of residence were also included. Any “red flag” as to the agency’s procedures and it may be best for you to get your own background check done. This is especially in the case of those caring for your children or an elderly parent ~ safety is key. 

Background Checks can also be used to vet contractors or repair companies you hire for home improvement.  

In this case, it is wise to go beyond criminal records and check the companies or contractors themselves. Look for any civil suits either filed against them or by them against former customers.

For more tips on how You can use background checks, check out , “The Top 6 People You Should Run a Background Check On

The bottom line is that Background Checks are a great way to make sure the people you hire to work in or on your home are as safe as possible.

We also suggest that anyone looking for a new job, or even seeking a promotion, consider getting a background check done on themselves.

Many companies run at least some sort of background check during their hiring process. The check will most likely look at past criminal behavior and may even include a “social media check” to see what may be posted online.

The more you know about what is “out there” about you before you apply, the more prepared you can be to explain or mitigate what the company may find. 

Discover what a personal background check should include hereAnd remember, a good Background Check company can help you with this! 

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As you can see, Background Checks are not only for companies. They can be a helpful, and sometimes necessary, tool for you too!
Have you ever used a Background Check to screen anyone who has worked in your home?  Would you consider it? We would love to hear what you think ~ leave a comment below!

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