Friday, May 10, 2013

Small Business Spotlight - Sincerely Yours by Tracy!

This week my “Small Business Spotlight” is focused on Tracy Weslager and her company, Sincerely Yours by Tracy!

According to Tracy, she has “always had a passion for design, fashion, and staying in touch with friends and family”.  These interests came together in her business, the Sincerely Yours stationary company!

Founded in 2006, Sincerely Yours by Tracy is a specialty greeting card company.   They design customized, hand crafted cards perfect for your personal life and business.  Sincerely Yours by Tracy cards are truly unique.

Tracy’s focus is on “bringing back the hand written card into our crazy email, texting world”.  Her goal is to help you “WOW those important people in your life” by sending them a custom card!

Besides wonderful greeting cards, Sincerely Yours also sells unique Notecards,  personalized Notepads, and card tags.  There are many designs to choose from.

In addition, Sincerely Yours also offers a one-of-a-kind greeting card service called “Unforgettable Cards.”

When doing the initial testing of her products, Tracy had the opportunity to meet with some corporate professionals at a business event.  She found they all agreed on the importance of sending cards to family, friends, and their professional connections, but their hectic schedules often got in the way.

This is where Tracy’s service, “Unforgettable Cards” comes in!

"Unforgettable Cards" is a unique greeting card service that will keep track of your greeting card needs, all year long.  You provide them with some background information for each person on your list, and Sincerely Yours by Tracy will design a one-of-a-kind, high quality, greeting card for them. Tracy believes that is what makes this service so special.

Sincerely Yours will automatically send you each card prior to the event so you can include your own message.  Tracy even includes a stamped envelope for your convenience.  This way you will always have the perfect greeting card when you need it!
Sincerely Yours has also started a new GIVE BACK program in honor of our Military.  For every card you order from them, Sincerely Yours will send a card to an active member of our Armed Forces as a thanks for their service.  Each card will include your family or business name.  It is that simple!

Tracy invites you to visit the Sincerely Yours by Tracy website (  You can check out all her designs and find out more about the “Unforgettable Card” and “Give Back” programs!

You can also reach her on Twitter (@Sincerelyyours1) and on Facebook.

Keep up with the “Small Business Spotlight” Series in my blog and learn more about Small Business and Background Check news on my website,!  Thanks!

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