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What can You Do to Combat Background Check Delays?

You Want it and You Want it Now!
After all, who wouldn't love having their wants and needs instantly fulfilled? What a wonderful world it would be if that were only possible!

And, if you happen to own your own business, this sentiment couldn't be more true ~ especially when it comes time to hire or expand your business. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't often work that way.

Just when you need to get some new talent or additional help in to jump start or keep you business running smoothly, you hit snags! 
Maybe you aren't finding the "right" person? Maybe the quality of your applicants isn't what you had hoped it would be?

But it can be even worse when you think you have actually found the right hire and delays in your background check are getting in the way!

These obstacles are just as problematic if you happen to be the one applying for the job!

Background Check delays can frustrate you, your applicant, and even your screening company.
That is why it makes sense to do what you can both before and during the screening process to combat potential background check delays.

Your first course of action is to both recognize and identify potential delays. 

The Top 10 Obstacles than can Delay Your Background Check are:
  1. Resume/Application Mistakes, Errors, & Fabrications
  2. Timing of Your Request
  3. Manual Court Checks
  4. Individual Court Dynamics
  5. Employment and Reference Checks
  6. Incomplete Case Information
  7. Power Outages or System Maintenance
  8. International Requests
  9. Government Shutdowns
  10. Changing Legislation
Learn more about these potential delays, and how to develop a plan to deal with them, in "10 Obstacles that can Delay Your Background Check"!

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Once you have identified these potential delays, then you can create a sound plan to help eliminate, or at least alleviate, their impact on your hiring process.

When any of these obstacles hit, it can seem to throw a wrench in your hiring works.

A good background check company can help you overcome these delays and keep you on the right track. After looking at your candidate's resume or application, they are there to identify potential problems and suggest sound solutions. Your screening company will also keep you informed when a problem occurs along the way and what can be done to get past it.

But it is also important that you do your part!

As an employer, you should:
  • Stay up to date on compliance issues (your screening company can help).
  • Develop easy to fill out applications that require your candidate to supply information pertinent to your background check. Examples of this are: strong identifying information, education information including name and location of institution and type of degree and date earned, employers' names, locations, dates and job title, and accurate contact information.  
Making sure you, in conjunction with your background check company, have taken all the necessary steps and have all the information you need before even starting your background checks simply makes good business sense! And it can go a long way towards lessening the impact of any potential obstacles.

You also need to remember that when it comes to employment screening, the accuracy of the background information must be more important than the speed in getting it!

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