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How to Pick the Right Background Check Company!

Choosing the best background check company for you may seem like a daunting task. It is easy to question yourself and your decisions. 

Will the company you are considering do the job right? Will they be easy to work with? What kind of information can they find, and is it quality information? And of course, you are always worried about cost.

But most importantly, you may wonder if a background check company is really on the up and up. 

How do you really know who you can trust?
Can Your Background Check Provider Be Trusted? "Tweet This"

Here we take a look back at the second installment of a three part series we wrote when launching our blog. We wanted to focus on the 3 common and confusing questions that many employers have about background checks
  1. Why should I use background checks to hire? 
  2. How can I choose a quality background check company? 
  3. What can do with the information in the background check report to help me hire?

We covered the "Why" in, "What You Need to Know about Background Checks".

Now you need to know "How" ~ specifically, how to pick the right background check company for you!

When choosing a screening company, it is important that you do your research and ask the right questions.
Our advice is to focus on finding a company that will with WITH you, not just for you! The company you choose should be a true partner in your quest to find the right employees that will help your company succeed.

Now you just need to know what to look for!

A good Background Check Provider should:
  1. Focus on Your Needs
  2. Use Direct, Reliable Sources for their Information
  3. Take the Time to Do It Right
  4. Stay Informed on Hiring Laws and Regulations
  5. Not Put Cost over Quality
You can find out more about these tips in; "5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Background Check Company for You"!

In addition to these suggestions, you should also do the following:

Word of Mouth
Ask other business owners you know. Who do they use for their employment screenings? If they are satisfied with that company's work, chances are you will be too!

Reviews / Customer Referrals
Find out what their clients are saying about them. Search for them online and see what is posted. While you can't take every review as gospel, it is possible to look for a trend.

Pay Attention to the Company's "Vibe"  
How do you feel when you are talking with them? Are they showing genuine interest in you are does it feel like they are just in it for the sell? Your gut feelings can go a long way towards picking the right screener. Having a comfortable working relationship with any company you do business with often takes time, but your initial impression should be given some weight.

Choosing the right background check company doesn't have to be difficult. All it takes is asking the right questions and using your instincts. And when done right, you will find that your company's hiring process is easier and more productive than ever! 
Be sure to check back next week when we revisit the final article in this series on how you can use your background check report to hire right! 

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