Monday, May 1, 2017

You will Learn a lot about You when You Start Your Own Business

Beginning Sunday, April 30th, 
we celebrate 
"National Small Business Week". 

It is a time to honor our nation's entrepreneurial spirit, celebrate how far we have come, and realize how far we still need to go.

This annual event is sponsored by the Small Business Administration. It was started as a way to recognize our nation's top small business owners and those who support and advocate for small business.   

The celebration begins with an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. where this year's "Small Business Person of the Year" will be announced. There will also be other events held throughout the week around the country and online.

Want to get in on the celebration?

  • Use the hashtag #SmallBusinessWeek in your social posts to share what you are doing to honor Small Business. 
  • Follow the hashtag #SmallBusinessWeek to find out what other small businesses are up to.
  • Share Your Story! Let others know how and why you started your own Small Business. 

All entrepreneurs have a story. While many are similar ~ we wanted to be our own boss or needed more flexibility ~ there are also others who are more unique.

But no matter what, every story is interesting.

I started my small business for many of the usual reasons. I wanted the opportunity to be there while my children were young and still earn some money to contribute to the family. 

While that continued to be a driving motivation, it is what I learned about myself along the way that really surprised me.

I discovered my true strengths and weaknesses, and how to make them work for me and my business. I also found how important it was to build a strong relationship with my clients ~ one based on trust, communication, and honesty.

First and foremost, entrepreneurship has been a journey. One filled with many twists and turns and times of doubt and sacrifice. But I would not have had it any other way! 

You can find more about my story in "What I have Learned Starting My Own Business"!

So let's take the time this week to honor 
what Small Business 
has truly done for our country, and 
what it will continue to do. 
Are you ready?

Let's Celebrate Small Business!

Please Pay it Forward and share this on your favorite social sites. 

We would love to your story! 
Leave a comment and let us know 
what you have learned about You and 
Your Small Business!

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