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Hiring? What You Should Do Now to Attract the New Hires You Need!

Does the Way You Hire 
attract the new employees you need?

How you hire can say a lot about You and Your Company. That is why it is so important that you are aware of what yours is saying about you!

Does your Hiring Process mesh with your brand and company values? Does it show your commitment to your employees, not just your bottom line? 
Simply put ~ 
Are you doing enough during the hiring process to grab the attention of your best new hires?

Millennials currently make up the largest portion of our workforce, and the number of even younger workers will only continue to grow.    

Because of that, it makes sense that as an employer you consider what drives this group of younger job seekers when choosing how you hire and run your workplace.
How to Change Your Hiring Practices to Land Your Top New Hires! “Tweet This”
What does this mean to employers? 
For many, it means it is time for a Change!

Companies will have to focus on how their workplace and hiring practices appear to the current pool of job seekers. This means taking a hard look at your “applicant experience”, including your employment background checks. 

Addressing this generation’s love of technology and social media is a good start. 

You will need to advertise your open positions using a wide variety of job sites and social media platforms. In addition, your application processes need to be both highly reactive and easy to use. This will show your recognition of where your future applicants live.

But, if you really want to 
set your company apart, 
make certain that your quest to be “social” 
goes both ways.

Be sure to acknowledge when you receive an application. Keep your job posting up to date, even going as far as sharing when a position no longer becomes available.

This personal touch will help establish your company as someone who cares about their applicants and goes a long way towards projecting a positive company brand!

You must next address your employment screening

When it comes time for the background check, many applicants are understandably wary. This is especially true of younger job seekers. If you want to truly attract new hires, then you need to put them at ease. This means making the entire process as completely transparent and accurate as possible.

Open communication between you and your potential new hire should be your focus. You must be upfront and truthful about all stages of the background check. You should share:
  1. What You Will Check 
  2. What You are Looking For 
  3. What Factors can cause Delays 
  4. What You will do to Lessen the Possibility of Errors 
  5. What Your Applicant’s Rights Are    
Discover more about the steps you can take to prepare your applicants in “Ready to Hire? What Your Applicant Needs to Know!”.

As the number of younger people entering the workforce grows, many employers are also adding Social Media checks to their hiring process. This can make potential new hires even more uncomfortable.

Some applicants may consider this type of check an invasion of their privacy and not relevant to their job search. Others may question what you will find.   

Once again, being as transparent as possible about what will be checked, and why, will go a long way in alleviating those fears. It is also important to emphasize that, as an employer, you will never ask your applicant for their social media passwords or request that they “friend” you or another employee so that you have more access to their profiles.

Find out more about what your applicants need to know about how social media is used in the hiring process here!

While improving your applicant experience 
is a great way to attract new employees, 
it can’t stop there.
You also need to be ready to "sell" you and your business. This is especially true if you run a Small Business!

Be clear about what you have to offer. Share concrete examples of the advantages enjoyed by your employees ~ everything from chances to take on growing responsibilities to workplace flexibility.

Read “4 Reasons Why Job Seekers will Want to Work for Your Small Business” to find out more! 

It is important to understand that this new workforce approaches employment differently, and your company would do well to recognize and respond to this.

While certainly valuing their professional lives, younger employees expect to have a personal life too ~ and they want to work for a company that supports this. Benefits such as flexible work schedules and ability to telework are key to the attractiveness of any job. 

I don’t see this as unreasonable, but a move in the right direction!

Creating an environment that helps your employees reach their goals, encourages their own ideas of success, helps them develop marketable skills and set their own goals, and gives them the opportunity to advance is key to retaining your top talent.

Find out more in “Why I have Faith in the Millennial Generation”! 

A company that not only understands but embraces this different approach to their employees’ professional and personal lives will also attract, and keep, the best new hires.

While appealing to this generation of job seekers is certainly important, 
that does not mean it is 
out with the old and in with the new!

In order to really succeed 
in creating an 
innovative and welcoming environment, 
you need a mixed workforce. 
Having both experienced and skilled employees at all levels is key.

Creating an atmosphere where each generation of employees can learn from the other is one that will thrive and prosper. This results in the best of both worlds ~ a marriage between the tried and true and the up and coming.
This type of culture embraces experience while recognizing the benefits of introducing new talent and ideas. It is also the perfect way of establishing a strong company succession plan ~ something that every successful company needs.

The time is Now 
to really look at Your Hiring Practices 
and Your Workplace Environment
Updating them to reflect the 
interests and goals of your potential new hires will not only ensure you get 
quality applicants, 
it will create a better environment 
for all your employees ~ old and new
And nothing could be better for You 
and Your Company than that!

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