Monday, April 17, 2017

Why You Need to Take an "Active Break" Every Day

It's once again that time of year....
the weather gets warmer, the skies look bluer, and the sun is shining. 
After winter's passing, 
I can hear the days calling me to 
get outside and relax.

But the responsibilities of work, home, and family often get in the way. I simply can't always just stop what I am doing and go enjoy the day.

As a solopreneur, it can be even harder to do. All the day to day tasks of running my business fall squarely on my shoulders. And while I am grateful for the freedom and flexibility this gives me, it is often hard to close my laptop and be done for the day ~ or sometimes for even an hour!

However, I know that pace is not good for me. Sitting behind a computer all day is 
unhealthy and unwise. 
The older I get, 
the more I can feel the stiffening in my back and legs. Even my eyes get tired.

Not to mention the brain overloadAt times, I can find myself too tired and stressed to even think clearly! 

Taking an "Active Break" is Good for You & Your Business! "Tweet This"!

That is when taking an "Active Break" makes all the difference!

Getting up and going outside, even for a quick walk around the block, helps clear my head, get my muscles moving, and puts a smile on my face. I even find that when I go back to my work, I am re-energized and re-focused.

You can find out more about the benefits of incorporating "Active Breaks" into your day in "Tips to Help You Gain Focus and Get Active"!

So the next time you find yourself stressed, achy, or mentally tired ~ get up and take an "Active Break"!

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stay healthy and productive? 
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*all pictures featured were taken during my own "Active Break"!

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