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Why You Should Check Employments on all Your New Hires

Checking Past Employments on Your New Hires Makes Sense!

Do You Do Employment Verifications on Your New Hires?

As a Small Business owner, you already recognize the value of screening your new hires. You understand that knowledge is power and hiring with your eyes wide open makes sense. 

But did you know that checking past employments should be an important part of the equation?

There is valuable information that can be discovered when you take the time to verify employments. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that there is very little beyond dates and title of employment to find.

Here you will learn Why You need to do Past Employment Checks and Share What You can Really Find Out!

Many are under the assumption that companies are prohibited by law from verifying anything beyond the very basic information on their past employees. This is not true.

As long as they are not fabricating anything, they are free to share both positive and negative comments about their past employees’ job performance.

However, companies are prohibited from outright lying ~ and doing so can put them on the wrong end of a defamation lawsuit. 

Because of this, employers are understandably cautious. And many times you will encounter employers who cite “company policy” as a a reason to release only the bare minimum.

Despite this, if you know how to ask the right questions, you can discover so much more!

For example, it is possible to uncover that your applicant was terminated instead of having resigned. Or that your their job performance was not up to par.

It all comes down to what questions you ask and how you ask them!

Asking the Right People the Right Questions Gets You the Employment Information You Need!  “Tweet This”

What You Need to Do ~ Ask the Right People the Right Questions!

If you want to get the information you really need from an Employment verification, you first need to go to the best sources.  
And that is not the Human Resources Department.

Instead, work hard to contact your applicant’s direct supervisor or manager. Speaking with someone who worked closely with your applicant is key.  They will have the real information you need to make a good assessment of your possible new hire.

Once you reach the right person, then it is time to ask the right questions.

Your “Go To”  Employment Verification Questions: 
The Employment Questions You Need to Ask!
Dates and Title of Employment ~ Start off easy with verifying your applicant’s dates and title of employment. You may even want to contact HR first just to get this basic out of the way.  

Reason for Leaving ~ Finding the true circumstances under which your applicant left their previous position is valuable. Were they fired for cause? Did they leave under good terms? Discovering the true reason your applicant left makes sense.
This is not always a negative. Many times a previous supervisor will be happy to share that your applicant left to better themselves. This is the kind of thing you want to hear!  

Eligible for Rehire ~ “Are they eligible for Rehire?” is my favorite of all the employment questions I ask! Many times I have gotten an answer to this question even when company policy dictates they only supply dates and title of employment!

And their answer can say a lot!  

If there is no negative reason why your applicant left, your source will usually answer with something like “Yes, we would love to have them back” or “Our policy is to not rehire when someone leaves us, but I wish we could”.

However, if there is cause why your applicant is no longer working there, most times the answer to this question is a curt sounding “No”!

Performance ~ Asking a question such as “What are their Strengths and Weaknesses”? can yield some valuable information to your hiring decision. If possible, follow up with a request for any specific examples they are willing to share.

Their former supervisor’s insights can help you determine whether these qualities could make a good fit in your small business.

Reliability / Attendance ~ Knowing whether your applicant can be counted on is key. Asking “Did they show up on time when scheduled?” or “Would You Consider them Reliable?” makes sense.  

Would You Recommend this Applicant for a Job? ~ Committing or, in some cases not committing, to a recommendation is a big deal. When your source is willing to go on record either way, then that should say a lot to you about whether this is the hire for you.

Making Employment Verifications a part of your screening process can yield information valuable to your hiring decisions. And, the more information you have, the better. As always, Knowledge is Power.

Services Designed to Help You Hire Safely
Using a good background check company to help you in your hiring process makes sense.  
And this is especially true when it comes to using Employment Verifications.  

The benefits are twofold. First, a good background check company will take the time necessary to contact the best sources. Second, they will also be practiced in How to Ask the Right Questions to obtain the quality information you need.

And, after all, Hiring Safely and Effectively should be your ultimate goal!

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