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How to Spot the Best Employees for Your Small Business! (the Employees You want to Hire & the Ones to Avoid Part 1).

Do You Know how to Spot a "Problem Employee"?
Hiring for your small business is a big step. It shows that you are doing something right when it comes to running your business.  

But no matter how exciting this step can be, it is important that you go into it with your eyes wide open.

In this blog, we have often focused on various things you can do make sure you hire right.  

We have shared the Importance of Writing Good Job Descriptions for your open position (Part 1 & Part 2), shared Your Hiring Checklist, and outlined the reasons to Verify your Applicant’s Past Employments.

Now it is time to focus on the kinds of employees that can help or hurt your small business.  

In the first installment of this 2 part series, you will discover both Who to Look for and Who to Avoid when it is time to hire! 

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6 Employees you WANT to Hire in Your Small Business
A Leader ~ Someone who is willing to take charge, whether it is of a team or on a special project. They don’t shy away from responsibility.  

Look for someone who has already proven they have this skill. This information can come from a former employer (good reason to not skip those employment verifications) or even from a project or club they spearheaded while in college.

A Teammate ~ Someone who is willing and able to work collectively. They will care about your other employees and about your company as a whole. Team players are not just focused on how they perform, but how the group performs. Just like the Leader, you need this type of employee to make your small business work. 

An Innovator ~ Someone who is creative and strategic in their thinking. They are capable of looking at things “out of the box”. They are willing to not only embrace new ways of doing things, but are also able to suggest them.

A Problem Solver ~ Someone who can evaluate a problem and find a solution. A strategist.  Problem solvers can think quickly and are willing to take decisive action. They know exactly how to use what they have to make things happen.

An Independent Thinker ~ Someone who is able to look at something with a new perspective, a different way of doing things. They are great at critical thinking. Their biggest asset is that they are not willing to simply go along, even if it is against popular opinion.

A Flexible, Multi-Tasker ~ Someone willing to work beyond their job description and take on additional tasks. This type of employee can adapt to changing demands. This is especially important in a small business. Many times you may not be able to hire as many employees as you might need. It helps when fewer employees are flexible enough to cover multiple tasks.

Now that you know the type of employees you want in your Small Business, it is just as important that you know the types of employees to avoid.

Best & Worst Employees for Your Small Biz
6 Employees to AVOID Hiring in Your Small Business
A Pessimist or Complainer ~ Someone who always thinks in the negative. They criticize other employees and your company. They love to point out problems, but rarely offers solutions. This employee will bring down company morale

A Sheep ~ Someone who blindly follows. They have no original thought. They never think to ask questions or try to find better ways of doing things (the complete opposite of the Independent Thinker).

A Loafer ~ Someone who is inherently lazy. They won’t do their share, but love taking the credit, especially when it comes to group work. You often find them away from their desk or “on break”. This type of employee can create resentment since your other employees often have to carry their work load.

An Egotist ~ Someone who makes everything about them. A narcissist. They have a hard time getting along with your other employees and can’t truly succeed at team work. Their only focus is on the “me”, not the “we”. 

A Finger Pointer ~ Someone who will never Own their own Mistakes. They are always ready to accuse others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

A Person Set in their Ways, an Obstinate ~ Someone who is close minded. Who fights change every step of the way.  Employing too many of these types will keep your business stagnant. You need people willing to help your business evolve and grow.

It is possible to spot your Best and Worst Hires during the interview and screening process.  

It is all about asking the right questions. Be sure to ask applicants and their former employers for specific examples of when they worked as part of a group, spearheaded a project, or solved a problem.

Listen carefully to the answers and note when they fit the kinds of traits you are looking for.

Conversely, pay attention to any red flags. Any examples where your applicant is overboard on self-praise should be noted. And a past employer’s perception of them as unreliable or unproductive should give you pause (you will learn more about warning signs of bad hires in Part 2 of this series).  

Now you know what types of employees to look for and what types to avoid hiring in your small business.  In Part 2, we will explain what to do if, despite your best efforts, you find yourself having made a hiring mistake!

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