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Looking for a Job? Follow these Tips to help You Optimize your Resume and Application Now!

Applying for a job can be exciting…but it can also be stressful. You worry whether your application or resume will create interest and then whether you will be called in for an interview at all.

But if you are offered the job, one thing you can count on is that you will be subject to some kind of background check. And while you may think you have little control over this part of the process, you could not be more wrong.

There are definite steps you can take that will not only expedite the process but also paint you in an even more favorable light with any employer.

And those steps start with your resume and application.

Over the years we have seen how incomplete or error filled resumes and applications add time to the screening process. They can even take an applicant right out of the running…even if they have aced the interview! 

The best way for you to avoid this happening to you is to take steps now to ensure that your resume or application is as complete and effective as it can be!

Whether you provide a prepared resume, need to fill out an application, or both, it is important that before you start you have on hand all the information you need...and following these tips will help!

As a general rule, the more precise your resume and application the better. It is also important that if filling out an application on site instead of online, that your writing is neat and legible.

Here is a list of the information you need ~ 

Employments ~ When listing the jobs you have held, you should be ready to provide the following information for each:

  • Name of the company, their full address, and company phone number and website
  • Exact dates and title of the position(s) you held
  • Names of 2 sources within the company that can verify your employment (direct supervisors, HR, co-workers) and up to date contact information for each, including both their phone number and email address.

References ~ provide the following information for each:

  • Name / address
  • working contact phone number and email address
  • your relationship with the reference (personal, professional, both)
  • how long you have known the reference

Education ~ start with your most recent degree, diploma, and certification(s) and list the following:

  • name, location, phone number and email address of the department within the institution that provides verifications 
  • date of graduation or dates of attendance

Addresses ~ you will need to list anywhere you have lived in the past 7-10 years (whichever is required by potential employer) starting with your current address and working backwards:

  • your full addresses including house / apartment number, street name, city, zip code
  • dates of your residency
  • whether you owned or rented the property

Taking the time to have all this information on hand prior to submitting your application or resume makes sense.

Not only will it help you complete the application more quickly, it will make your resume more thorough. it will also show you to be prepared and professional and help your background check run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

And that is good for you and your potential new employer!

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