Sunday, September 10, 2017

Want to Donate? What You need to Know Now!

In the wake of hurricane Harvey and Irma, many Americans are coming together in empathy of those impacted by the storm and flood waters.

Despite the tragic circumstances, I am gladdened by the feeling of community that has developed. People, both local and from other states, are coming together to help each other whenever and wherever they can. 

Organized relief efforts to help are also being made. 

Shelters have been provided by local and national organizations. Emergency response contact centers have been set up to answer pressing questions and offer information. 

Habitat for Humanity's local offices are ready to help area people displaced by these storms to assess their immediate and future re-building needs.

Even private citizens have traveled to the impacted areas to help in rescue efforts.

But not everyone is able to give such "hands-on" help. That is where giving to charitable organizations come in.

Charities, both new and established, are using television, radio, print, and social media to ask for donations. 

They promise that money raised will go towards those needing it the most. Families temporarily, or even possibly permanently, without homes. Babies and children in pressing need of clothing. Many who lack even the basic of necessities ~ things like food, water, and personal items.

There is no doubt that we, as caring people, want to help. We see the devastation and are looking for any way we can make a difference.  

But before you make that donation, there are things you need to know about these charities.

Start by Asking these 3 Questions:
  • Is the Charity legitimate or a Scam?
  • Where does the money raised go?
  • What percentage of the money raised goes directly to the cause?

Without clear cut and truthful answers to these questions, you would be unwise to donate your hard earned money.

That doesn't mean you should be scared or stop giving. It simply means you shouldn't go in blindly.

There are some easy steps you can take to give you some peace of mind when you decide to make a donation.
  1. Research Charity Online
  2. Check Out the Charities Contact Information & Mailing Address
  3. Contact the Charity Directly
  4. Do a Civil and/or Criminal Court Check on the Charity / Key Executives

Find more detailed information on how to make sure the money you donate is really doing the most good in, "Do This Before You Give Money to any Charity"!

Good charities no doubt do good in the world. They give much needed aid to those who desperately need the help. And they rely on donations from concerned citizens to keep going.

People doing and giving what they can to help other people is the absolute best way to make a difference in the world.

But simply giving without doing your homework first doesn't make sense. You deserve to know exactly how your donations are being used. 

Only then can you donate fully knowing you are helping the people who need it most.

And that is what it truly means to be charitable!

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