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5 Smart Reasons to Outsource Your Background Checks

No matter what size your business, it is likely you are using background checks on your applicants before you hire.  

While most companies are outsourcing their background checks to a professional screening service, there are still some that continue to do them on their own.

Reasons for this vary. They may believe they have the know-how to do it themselves. Or maybe they think it will save them money. They may even think they can find what they need through free or low-cost online background checks.

And, even more dangerously, some companies are willing to roll the dice and not do a background check at all.

As a business owner, You have this right. There is no law that states you must outsource those checks or one that requires you to screen before you hire at all (unless one is required in your particular industry).

However, before you decide to go it alone, it would be wise to ask yourself these questions first...  
  • Do you know the best sources to use to get the information you need?  
  • Are you completely up to date with all Fair Credit Reporting Act legislation in your area?  
  • Do you understand the limitations on how you can use background check information and on your employees’ rights when it comes to background checks?  
If you are unsure about any of the above, do you have the time to dedicate to learning what you need to know?

The reality is that the time commitment it would take to bring you and your staff up to speed is impractical for any Small Business.
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Outsourcing your background check needs to a professional is your best bet. Their experience and knowledge will actually save you time and money, letting you focus on other important aspects of your business. 

5 Smart Reasons to Outsource Your Background Checks to a Professional Screening Service:
  • Knowledge & Experience
An experienced background company has done the research. They already know the best sources for obtaining the information you need. They know how the courts work to ensure they uncover an accurate past criminal history. They recognize the need to check both upper and lower court records to find the complete criminal history picture.

They also understand the best methods for verifying employments and education. Their focus is on going to the source, and they know how best to do this.

Background checks are their specialty, and taking advantage of their expertise makes sense. Bottom line, they have the knowledge and resources necessary to get you quality results.
  • Updated on Latest Compliance Issues
The rules and regulations of employment background checks is constantly changing. What is sound legal practice one day can become a red flag the next.  

Background check companies understand and deal with this daily.  
They stay abreast of Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA) guidelines and how they may pertain to your company. They will also keep current with any new or developing state and city laws in your area. That is why before releasing any criminal record reports, they will make sure that it is legally reportable pursuant to state compliance laws.
  • Confidentiality and Protection of Employee Information
When companies conduct background checks internally, applicants and existing employees may question confidentiality. They may wonder who actually has access to their records. This can create mistrust.

By outsourcing your background checks, your employee records are kept more secure. Access is limited to the screening company you hire and the results are given directly to you. Only those within your company that you choose will ever have access to that information.  
  •  As a Barrier against Discrimination Claims 
There are times when a background check will uncover things about an applicant that are considered “protected” ~ sex, age, race, religion, etc. Companies need to make sure that this information in no way influences their decision to hire. This is where using a separate background check company is key. 

When background checks are done using an outside screening company, there is a barrier between you and the protected information. In order to be compliant, “a company needs to refrain from basing any hiring decision on information that is discriminatory or a violation of privacy”.  (Find out more here).

This can also pertain to arrest records (read "Why Checking an Applicant's Criminal Past Should be About Convictions not Arrests").
The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) differentiates between arrests and convictions. An arrest alone simply does not prove criminal conduct. It is important to keep in mind that excluding someone based on an arrest record that is not job related or necessary based on your business can be seen as a Civil Rights violation.”

Your background check company can act as a buffer against you seeing things you shouldn’t. By only giving you the information to which you are legally permitted, you will protect yourself from future discrimination litigation and the possibility of bias in hiring.
  •  Save Time, Money, & Resources
Saving time and money is on the mind of any Small Business owner. And doing your own background checks is a waste of those resources. 

As an entrepreneur, your funds are often pulled in all different kinds of directions. You may have payroll obligations, basic business costs (utilities, supplies, etc.) ~ the list can seem endless.” (from my article; “Think a Good Background Check costs too Much ~Why You Need to Think Again!”)

Many small business owners may believe that doing their own background checks saves them money. These companies could not be more wrong.

Outsourcing Background Checks Saves a Small Business Time & Money! "Tweet This" 

By hiring an outside background check company, you will keep your costs lower and your quality higher. You will not have to take the time away from your existing employees to screen your applicants or learn the complex employment background check laws. Instead, you can focus on the work essential to the day to day running of your company.

The bottom line is that outsourcing your background check needs makes sense!

When you are ready, these 5 tips will help You choose the best screening company for you.

Remember, a good background check provider will be a key partner in providing you with the information necessary to make your important hiring decisions.  
Let their experience work for you!

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