Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Find Your Small Business Niche

Created by Kimberly Kline
"Find Your Niche" ~ a phrase you have probably heard frequently, especially when discussing the best ways to market Your Business.
But what does it really mean?
And, more importantly, How can You do it?

This question was something we considered early on. We found that it was very difficult for us, as a small business, to compete with larger and more well known background check companies.

We decided we needed to look inward and find out what was important to us and our company focus. What we discovered is that when we identified our “why”, the rest fell into place. We shared more about this in our blog post, “I Know Why I Do What I Do”.  
We knew our passion was to help small business owners and women in business find their own success. After all, I was both of those things and knew first hand the struggles they faced with money, marketing, and having to do it all.

Through this process, we were able to identify our target market. This was our niche, and where we needed to focus our marketing efforts.  
This strategy can work for you too!

3 Tips to Help You Find Your Small Business Niche!  "Tweet This"

 Know You 
Find Your own “Why”. What really drives you? At the end of the day, what will make you the most proud?  

For us, that came from playing to our core values. The key is to think about your own life experiences and what means the most to you. Out of this Your Niche will become clear.

Know Your Customer
With whom do you want to do business? Be as specific as you can. Consider going after a client your competitors are not addressing. 

Everyone knows the old adage, “You can’t be all things to all people”. And that is especially true of a Small Business. The more specific you can be in defining your target market, the better.

We realized most background check companies were looking for the big contract. They were not interested in the smaller business that may only be hiring a couple times a year (or less). This is where we chose to place our focus. 

Know What You Have to Offer
This goes beyond your product or service. What specifically can you provide your target customers? What problem does it solve? Why would they buy from you?

Your goal should be to find something that you can do that will distinguish you from your competition.  
We knew we could provide our target client with something the bigger companies would not ~ customized service. Our specialty became our ability to provide our clients with the quality employment screening they needed for a price they could afford.  

If they only needed one county criminal check ~ fine. If they wanted us to simply verify an applicant’s education ~ no problem. Our niche was not to pitch for the “big sale”. By listening to our clients, we honed in on exactly what they really needed, and that is what we offered.
It is a simple as this ~ 
Find Your “Why” (Your Driving Force), 
then Focus on Your “Who” (Your Customers) and Your “What” (Your Product or Service).  This is where You will Find Your Niche! 

Have You Found Your own Niche?  
What steps did You take? 
Please share your journey in the comments below!

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