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Why You Need to Convert the “Fair Weather Fan”!

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I am lucky enough to be from a city 
where we have wonderful professional and college sports teams.  

Year round you will find me totally focused on any number of games and wildly cheering my teams on.  Win or lose, they have my support.

Simply put ~ I am not a “fair weather fan”.  I believe in supporting my teams no matter what.  I will wear their team shirts, follow their fan pages, and read their latest articles.

For many years our baseball team had not garnered the same attention our football and hockey teams have enjoyed.  They had not been over .500 in years.  But these past few years have been different.

Now we are mentioned on sport’s news channels.  Our players are gaining national fans, not just local ones.  It has been fantastic and exciting.

While I understand the previous disinterest 
on a national level, 
where have these “new” 
local fans been?  
Where were they when times were tough?

Even in those “lean” years, I have watched many wonderful and exciting baseball games from my team...and I have enjoyed each and every one of them.  

This started me thinking about 
how often this same thing happens in business.  

Many are drawn to the “next big thing” or the latest fad. Companies can seem to be overnight sensations.

This sudden surge in sales or interest is certainly to be enjoyed and relished - after all, it happens infrequently.  There is understandable excitement in suddenly reaching a larger audience or gaining new customers.  Any business would welcome this new found interest.

The problem is that many times the “fair weather fan” is fickle. Just as quickly as they came in, they will move on.

Top Value is Found in Your Long-time Clients!  "Tweet This"!

However, Real Value can be found in those clients and customers that stand by you through thick and thin.

Many have been facing a “down” economy on a national and local level.  Companies are struggling to stay afloat.  Through it all, I have been able to form an even stronger relationship with my clients.

I am lucky.  My clients have stuck with me and I have stuck with them.  They know I have been flexible with their cash-flow issues and, in return, they have worked with me through my bouts with cancer and back surgery.

We share reciprocal loyalty!

That is why my ultimate goal is to convert any “fair weather fans” into loyal, long-term customers.  It should be your goal too.

It all starts with Stellar 
Customer Service!

My Top 4 Customer Service Goals
  • Always Go the Extra Mile ~ Just delivering the status quo will not make you stand out.  Find even one thing, and consistently do it better than your competition.  It will be noticed and appreciated.
  • Show Your Customers You Value their Business ~ Send thank you notes or little gifts (and not just during the holidays) to express your gratitude.  Offer good customers special perks. Even a little here can go a long way.
  • Keep Things Fresh ~ Update your services.  Start a blog.  Do whatever it takes to continue to move your company forward. Remaining stagnant, or even worse, loosing ground, will hurt you.
  • Respond Quickly to any Problems ~ Mistakes happen.  It is what you do after that will define you.  Be sure to put all your focus on making it right, and create a plan of action to keep it from happening again.  

While the excitement of something new is what may draw clients initially, keeping them takes more work.  You need to prove that you are not just interested in making that initial sale, but in truly helping them succeed.

“You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.”  Jeffrey Gitomer (author, speaker)

Offering quality and service over the long haul is what will win out.  
You will find that converting 
the "fair weather fan" into a loyal fan 
is where true value lies!

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