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Tips to Help You Hire and Keep the Right Employees! Pt. 2

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Keeping the right employee invested in your company is just as, if not more than, important as hiring the best candidate in the first place. Read on for some tips to help......

5 Tips to Keep Top Talent Interested and Invested in Your Small Business!  "Tweet This"

In Part 1, we discussed some tips to help you decide WHO to Hire. In Part 2, we will share 5 Tips to help you KEEP THEM!  

How can you accomplish this? By creating an environment where they are encouraged to reach their career goals and one that provides them with the tools to do so.

5 Retention Tips for Keeping Top Talent:

1.   Help Your New Employee Define and Reach Their Goals ~ both within and beyond your company! Help them to identify where they want to go and what steps are necessary to get them there. Just determining their goals is not enough. You need to provide them with a realistic set of steps to help them achieve those goals. The best employees are never satisfied.  This is what makes them high achievers.

2.   Create an Environment that Encourages Success.  
Make sure your company is a place that helps them reach their goals or is a significant stop along the way. Be the place where they are able to achieve a major milestone in their career. Be the company that discovered their talents and nurtured those talents.  This will bring success to them and to your company.

3.   Enable Your Employees to Develop New and Marketable Skills.  
Encourage your team to share their own abilities and allow them to learn from each other. This helps you create well-rounded and skilled employees. It also promotes a greater sense of “team” and a more productive work environment.  Also provide opportunities to attend interesting and informative workshops and conferences. The chance to absorb industry knowledge and network is invaluable.

4.   Set Specific Goals.  
Lay out an action plan with a specific time frame for completion. Provide them with all the resources necessary to achieve those action plan goals. Make sure you evaluate their progress and increase their responsibility upon successful completion. Your performance reviews should provide REAL FEEDBACK. Discuss where they are, where they need to head, and how they can get there. This keeps your workforce constantly improving and growing.

5.   Provide Real Opportunity to Advance.  
Give your employees the chance to EARN high level duties and even allow them to outgrow your company if necessary! Your valuable employees need to know you promote from within.  They need to feel they have a real future at your company.  However, if they have truly achieved their highest potential with you, provide them with the positive, helpful references they have earned and deserve. Remember, it is good to “Pay it Forward!”.

Hiring is always a daunting prospect,  knowing you need to hire, but being afraid at the thought of making a “bad hire”. Hopefully the tips in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series will help make the process a little easier! 

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