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What can You Do to Screen Out Dangerous Employees?

What can You Do to Screen Out Dangerous Employees?

When it comes to hiring, employers are understandably cautious. Of course their first worry is whether or not their new hire will be able to do the job. But, it doesn’t end there. 

Many have become even more concerned that they may be bringing someone into the company who could possibly cause harm to their other employees, their customers, and even to their company.

That is why they want to do whatever they can beforehand to at least lessen the possibility of bringing in a potentially dangerous hire!

The question then becomes….How?

Here is an answer I posted in Quora recently in answer to this question:
What evaluations are the best to screen out employees capable of aggressive or violent acts?”.

My answer:
"The safety of your employees, your customers, and your company itself should be a priority for any business. The first step in achieving this is by consistently using thorough pre-employment background checks. This screening needs to include a search for criminal records in anyplace where your applicant has lived and/or worked within the last 7 -10 years. It should also include past employment verification and reference checks

Some may think checking references is a waste of time, after all, anyone listed by the applicant is bound to say only good things about them, right? While that is a legitimate concern, in reality, references can be unpredictable and, if asked the right questions, may reveal more than intended. 

In addition, a good background check company will recommend that “developed” references are also checked. Developed references are ones that are identified through the listed references. Doing these checks helps an employer get a good overall picture of their applicant.

However, it can’t stop there. If you decide to make the hire, there are also things you can do after that to help protect your other employees, customers, and company. Workplace observation is key. Establishing sound procedures within your company for reporting unsafe or worrisome behavior is a start. Then it is important to follow that up with direct supervisory observation and discussions with the identified employee.

Find out how you can create and implement good employee safety practices in Workplace Safety Needs to be a Team Effort!

Another step you should take is to periodically re-screen your existing employees. Establish a protocol and stick to it. You may decide to re-screen on a rotating time-frame, or only when considering someone for promotion or there is cause. This cause can stem from workplace observations or concerns.

Learn more about How and When to Re-Screen your employees in Re-Screening Existing Employees? The Pros and Cons for Your Small Business.

Whatever steps you take to protect your company, it is vital that you are consistent. Don’t pick and choose who you screen. Make it a practice to do background checks on all new hire and consider re-screening existing employees as needed.

You can see the original question and other responses here!".

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However, despite your best efforts, it is still possible that a dangerous situation can happen in your workplace.

This threat may come from an employee or even a visitor or intruder in your company. 

That is why, if you haven’t done so, you should develop a Workplace Vulnerability Assessment.

The goal of a Workplace Vulnerability Assessment is to establish policies and procedures for your employees to follow in the event of a hostile or dangerous situation. You will need to address everything from the physical security of your employees to safeguarding your systems, controls, and company assets.

The most important goal of this assessment is to create a plan so every employee knows exactly what they need to do and how to react if something happens. 

You will need to identify the best route for every employee to take to get out of your building and, if that is not possible, safe places to hide. You will even need to identify tasks that key employees should initiate if law enforcement or medical help needs to be contacted.

Then, after developing your strategy, it is vital to practice your planned procedures long before there is an actual threat. Through this you can identify and correct any weaknesses in your strategy and make sure your employees are well trained. The employee training should include both table top exercises and actual drills.

Are you ready for your company to develop their own safety strategy? 

We can provide you with a Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment or guide you in conducting table top exercises and drills to identify areas for improvement ~ all tailored to your company’s specific needs.

While no one can ever predict the future, doing what you can in advance to keep your workplace as safe as possible makes sense. Not only does it protect your company and your employees, it establishes you as an employer who truly cares about the safety and security of the people they hire. And that is a place where people will want to work!

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