Monday, February 17, 2014

My 10th Anniversary as a “Solopreneur”!

Ten years ago, February 2004, I embarked on an entirely new journey ~ I became the sole owner of Access Profiles, Inc.  

Up until this time, I had always worked with one or two partners.  We divided the work load, each of us taking what suited our strengths.

Most importantly, I always had someone to bounce ideas off of and to share the responsibility of running a business.  

All that was about to change.

About two years before this, one of the original three partners decided to leave the business.  My other partner and I experienced little transition with this change.  We divided up what our partner had been responsible for and went on our way.

Now, fast forward to February 2004, and my last remaining partner came to me with the news that she wanted to move on.  She was starting her own business and was ready to go in a different direction than where we were heading.

I was floored.  Feelings of self-doubt and fear threatened to take hold of me.  I kept wondering how I was going to manage to do all the work that had been done initially by three of us.  

With little in the way of alternatives, I plunged in.


I began by streamlining all my procedures and deciding on a concrete course of action.  I scheduled my days to cover everything I needed to do, plus left time for unexpected occurrences.

I soon found myself too busy to dwell on what could go wrong and instead focused on keeping my head above water.

Little by little I found myself not just coping with the added responsibilities, but welcoming them.  

I loved having the freedom to take my business in the direction I chose, without having to answer to anyone else.  I could pursue new business and find ways to increase awareness of my company on my terms.

I soon entered the world of Social Media (something that had not been possible before due to my partners’ lack of interest).  I created a Facebook page and joined LinkedIn.  Both helped me to get my feet wet.

Then gradually I was able to add other social media platforms and a blog.  While I still have a long way to go in getting them where I want them to be, it is a start.


And it is all mine.  My company is “me”....and my brand reflects that.  I am the creator and originator of all that is Access Profiles, Inc. ~ and I am proud of that.

Even if I still have a long way to go, I know that the path I take to reach my goals will be of my choosing.  If I falter along the way, so be it.  But I know I will learn from it and move on.

And each time I reach a milestone or accomplish a goal, I can truly say “I did it”.

Express Gratitude

However, despite having the sole responsibility for my company, I am never really alone.

I have you, my wonderful clients, connections, readers, friends and family that are with me every step of the way.  You have all offered me your support and encouragement.  For this I will always be extremely grateful.

I could never have done it without each and every one of you!

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