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Background Check Breakdown Part 1: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Employment Background Checks

In this 3 Part Series; we will discuss "Why" You Need to Use Background Checks, "How" to Choose the Best Background Check company for you, and Tips to Help You Use a Background Check to the best advantage in your hiring process.

Part 1: “Why Do You Need a Background Check?”

This is the first part in a three part series that will break down the Background Check process and make it simple. Here we will deal with the reasons why you need to run a Background Check in the first place. 

Right now we know many of you are questioning the need to use Background Checks as part of your hiring process at all. The changing EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines have probably left you dazed and confused.

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5 Reasons a Background Check will work for you:

  • A Background Check will help verify whether an applicant’s resume is truthful. This is the most fundamental benefit of doing a Background Check, yet it is often overlooked. We are not talking here of a simple “misstatement” of dates of employment. We are talking the very real and crucial verification of their stated education/degree earned, past employment (and the skills that go along with it) and, yes, whether they have a past criminal record. Perhaps, most importantly, being untruthful at this stage of the employment process does not bode well for how they will conduct themselves as a hired employee.
  • A Background Check will help you keep a safer workplace. Knowing whether an applicant has a history of violence will protect both your employees and customers from possible abuse. Any incidence of violence in the workplace cannot be tolerated. In this instance, knowledge is definitely power.
  • A Background Check will help protect your company property. It will uncover convictions for offenses like theft, embezzlement, fraud, and bad checks. Hiring someone with a criminal history report containing these types of offenses could jeopardize your company. Theft in the workplace has compromised the financial stability of many businesses – especially small business. In addition, if the job includes driving a company vehicle, a report including driving history will reveal any license suspensions, accidents and traffic offenses. Protecting your company assets is vital to running any successful business. 
  • A Background Check will help your company remain compliant with any federal or state laws that govern your type of business. If your company does any work for the federal government, for example, a Background Check on employees is required by law. In addition, the National Child Protection Act mandates Background Checks on anyone who comes in contact with children, the elderly, or the mentally disabled. Background Checks are necessary to provide security to those considered vulnerable.
  • Finally, a Background Check will help you protect your company from potential lawsuits. We are sure you have seen news where companies have been sued over hiring dangerous employees (a recent case in IN comes to mind – a man employed by a company that delivers and sets up “bouncy” houses for children’s parties was found to be a sex offender). A dangerous hire will not just ruin your hard-earned company reputation, it can financially bankrupt you as well!
All of these reasons for running a Background Check may not apply to you and your company, but taking into consideration those that do can save you from hiring and training the wrong candidate in the first place!

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