Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Small Business Spotlight - Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections

This Small Business Spotlight Shout Out is to Brian T. Dolan and his company Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections (PVPPI)!

Brian T. Dolan has worked for 30 years in the automotive field and labels himself “an old car enthusiast”.  Brian has worked as an Auto Technician, Engine Systems Specialist, Body & Paint, Detailer, Inventory Management, and in Classic Car Restoration.

This experience drove Brian to start his own company, Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections (PVPPI) in 2011.  He brings his familiarity with the car industry and the online buying process to guide PVPPI.  Brian’s goal is to offer specialized Pre-Purchase Inspections to the Southwestern PA region.

A “pre-purchase inspection (PPI)” for vehicles is much like a home inspection.  Your vehicle is thoroughly examined, inside and out, to determine its current condition.  Having a PPI can help save you money.  It provides you with negotiating power on the purchase price.  A PPI can also help prevent costly repair and maintenance bills or keep you from purchasing a vehicle with many problems.

Brian stresses that a PPI is not just for “fancy” cars.  Many people have a pre-purchase inspections done on cars ranging anywhere from $3000 to $300,000.

The frequency with which people use the internet to buy cars “sight unseen” has created a real need for PPI services.  However, this service is also beneficial to those buying used cars locally.  Having a PPI mobile service check out the car saves the time and hassle of taking it to a mechanic to get it checked out.  

Brian is proud that PVPPI is different from the national chains.  Most national companies sub-contract their work, while you only speak with their customer service department.  You never get the chance to talk to the inspector directly.

PVPPI is different.  Brian and Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections are much more personable.  With PVPPI, you get the opportunity to speak with the inspector both before and after the inspection.  This provides you with both a verbal and written report on the vehicle.  You also get the chance to ask questions or get clarification.

Prices for PVPPI’s services range from $99 for an inspection on a basic vehicle to $199 for a specialty vehicle.  PVPPI is a mobile service (they go to your vehicle, you don’t have to bring it to them) and their prices include a 40 mile service radius.  For vehicles outside this range, there are additional charges.

Brian also enjoys being active in the many auto-related community events held during the summers in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  For example, PVPPI is an Official Sponsor of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.  You can read more about this and some of the other larger events on the PVPPI website community page.

To learn more about what Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections has to offer, please visit Brian T. Dolan and the PVPPI website at or call (412) 638-0641.  Go Small Business!

And for more in the Small Business Spotlight series, check out Access Profiles - “Week in Review” and for information on issues of importance to Small Business, look for my blog and website.  Thanks!

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