Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Small Business Spotlight! - Now Featuring RemSource, Inc.

This is the first blog article in what I plan to be a series featuring Small Businesses!  This week I would like to focus on RemSource, Inc.

RemSource provides Outsourced Administrative Services to Small Businesses.

Their service specialties include Communications (phone/email), Scheduling, Customer Service, Business Process (internal systems), and Bookkeeping.

RemSource was founded in 2009 by Azi Rosenblum.  Mr. Rosenblum took his knack for operations and started RemSource to fulfill what he saw as a major need by many small businesses, help with administrative tasks.

Their ideal client is the small business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by the many “hats” they have to wear but is not ready to make a full-time hire.  This is where RemSource steps in.  

RemSource’s mission is to enable companies to free up valuable time and resources from handling administrative tasks and focus them on what really matters - business growth and development.  Using RemSource also helps the business owner regain some “downtime” that can be used for family and personal life!

RemSource employees work from the RemSource offices and not at their client’s company.   This eliminates the need for their clients to have space or equipment to accommodate the person handling these administrative tasks.  Because of this, it doesn’t matter whether your small business has a brick and mortar location or not.

According to RemSource, their goal is NOT to operate like an answering service.  They work at becoming integrated into your company so that when your customers contact you, they feel like they are talking to a secretary or administrative assistant. RemSource strives to learn about your business and get to know the names of your company employees and your processes.  This helps them deliver professional service.

The key benefits to using RemSource are:

  • SIGNIFICANT Cost Savings over a Traditional Hire 
  • No hiring process or Training of New Employees Required
  • No equipment or set up costs
  • No sick/vacation days or Payroll Expenses
  • Professional Impression to Customers
  • Efficiency and Administrative Expertise

RemSource provides services in monthly packages*. They initially offer a discounted trial month.   During this trial period,  RemSource gets to know your business and the nature of your work.  When that trial month is complete, they will quote a monthly rate and continue to provide high-quality results.
                *RemSource does offer hourly project work.

If you would like to learn more about RemSource, Inc. or have any additional questions about what they can offer, please visit their website at and follow them on Facebook at!

 Stay tuned for more articles featuring Small Businesses!  And be sure to check out my site and 
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