Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How You Can Use the “10th Man” to Help Promote Your Business!

My favorite baseball team was fortunate enough to make a run into the post-season ~ for the first time in 20 years!  Needless to say, the city was in a frenzy when, during the wild card game and first series, our team played at home.

During those games, the fans were dubbed the “10th man” by announcers and reporters alike. Our enthusiasm and cheering truly became a part of the game.  We were not only there to bolster our own players but also to influence the other team.

Even though we won that wild card game, unfortunately our team was stopped short during the next round.  But that is when the fans really began to rally.  It was now our turn to congratulate our team on an exciting and energizing season.  We were also there to show them our continuing loyalty and faith.

We were the team’s “10th Man”!

I believe you can use this principle and convert your loyal customers into your own “10th Man”!

Think of  your customers as “fans”.  They are already happy with your work and are repeat customers. Now they can also be your best ally in spreading the word about your business!  Here is what you can do........

4 Ways Your Customers Can Help Your Business Succeed:

  • By Writing You a Recommendation - A great time to ask your clients for a written recommendation is after a job well done!  Let them know you are happy you could help them and would appreciate them writing you a recommendation.  Make sure they know you plan on featuring it on your website and other social media platforms.  Most will be happy to help!

  • Through Word of Mouth Advertising - Many times, without even being asked, your loyal customers will let other know about your good work.  But sometimes, they may need a little prompting.  When your clients let you know they are grateful for some particular work you have done, ask them to spread the word.  

  • By Using Your Customers as References - When pursuing new business, or simply on your website, listing your best customers makes sense.  Be sure to let them know first that you will be doing this.  Being sure that the clients on your list will say good things about you and your company is key! 

  • By Asking Your Clients for Referrals - Approach your good customers with your wishes to expand your business or reach more potential clients.  Your good customers will be willing to either give you names of other businesses or offer to let their business friends know themselves. In this way you can reach a wider client base and open up possibilities that may have never come to you otherwise.

No matter what options you may choose, using your satisfied and loyal customers as your own “10th Man” makes sense.  They can be an effective, low cost way to help you promote the great work you do.

What are You Waiting For?

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