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Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group - This Week's "Small Business Spotlight"!

Based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Griffiths Sheppard is a management consulting company.  Their focus is on workforce development and workplace performance.

Founded by Kevin Sheppard and Jeff Griffiths, Griffiths Sheppard is focused on strengthening companies that they believe “form the backbone of the Canadian economy”.  They work closely with construction, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing companies to develop exceptional occupational and training standards and competency-based workforce development programs.

Sheppard and Griffiths are both Certified Management Consultants.  Before becoming consultants, Jeff Griffiths was an officer in the Canadian military and Kevin Sheppard was a successful construction contractor.

They began collaborating informally in 2002, and this lead to the incorporation of Griffiths Sheppard in 2004.

Jeff Griffiths
Kevin Sheppard

Griffiths Sheppard believes that the strength of the company is due to their willingness to be the consultants with “dirt under our nails and mud on our boots”.  Griffiths and Sheppard both understand the challenges faced by what they call the “front-line workers”.  They also recognize that these workers are the key to any company’s success.

Their combined experience, talent, and knowledge is at the core of what they call “StrategicSkilling™”. This program is structured to identify, quantify, and develop “critical skill sets that are key to achieving an organization’s strategy”.

Strategic Skilling™ is designed to get your company’s skills and strategy on the same page.  It identifies the level of existing skills and design a plan to fill any “gaps” that may exist.

Jeff Griffiths believes that the work ethic he learned from his father (a tin-basher who immigrated from England in 1953) and his time in the military have helped form Griffiths Sheppard’s core beliefs.  In his own words, “if you look after the troops, they’ll look after you”.

"Rosie the Riveter" - The "Face" of Griffiths Sheppard

The entire foundation of Griffiths Sheppard stems from this philosophy.  Their premise is that “the people who really make money for companies aren’t in the boardroom; they’re on the shop floor, adding value for customers through their skills and talents”.

It is by working with management to create an environment that encourages workers to excel that Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group helps their clients achieve success.

The company plans on bringing their perspective to the greater North American market from their western Canadian base, believing they can help their clients succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Visit the Griffiths Sheppard website to see what they can do for your Small Business:

You can also find them on LinkedIn:

Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group Inc.
105-150 Crowfoot Cres NW, Suite 935
Calgary AB T3G 3T2
Toll Free:  888-505-0639, Ext 101
Direct:  403-374-1950

Griffiths Sheppard is ready to help you forge your company’s future!

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