Friday, June 28, 2013

Small Business Spotlight - Now Featuring EFT Coaching and Consulting!

Judith Wentzel and EFT Coaching and Consulting LLC in this week’s edition of “Small Business Spotlight”!

Judith Wentzel is a Certified Life Coach and owner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Coaching and Consulting.  Her empower women by removing the blocks to their success.

Wentzel became an entrepreneur in 1997.  She had been working in real estate (a job she truly loved) with over 30 realtors, managing their listings and closings and creating their brochures, fliers and ads.

Then she was diagnosed with macular degeneration.  With her vision deteriorating, Wentzel could no longer drive.  She found herself in her early 30’s and no longer able to work. (Since then, Wentzel has undergone experimental laser surgery that improved her vision enough to allow her to drive, but with restrictions).

According to Wentzel, she “felt lost and really devastated”.  Instead of continuing to feel sorry for herself, Wentzel decided to “take action” and start her own business.

Initially she decided to offer clerical and marketing services out of her home.  Wentzel contacted the realtors she had been working with and offered them the services she had already been doing for them.  A few hired her on the spot.  Wentzel was in business!

With her confidence renewed, she began to get referrals and more small business owners began hiring her.  Still, something was missing.

Wentzel discovered she found her greatest satisfaction from helping her clients with their personal and professional challenges.  She could relate since many of their issues she had dealt with at some time or another during her own life.  Wentzel developed a real connection to them because of this.

She began passing on the strategies she learned starting her own business to her clients.  When they started to work and her clients found their own success, Wentzel “knew she was on to something”.

Wentzel found a great affinity and passion for helping others.  That was when she realized that what she had been doing was actually “coaching” all along.

She became a certified life coach and added this to her list of services.  Wentzel also discovered and studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  This became her favorite and most successful coaching tool.

Now Wentzel knew what she had been missing.  It was through coaching that she found her true fulfillment and her business was complete. 

Through EFT Coaching and Consulting, Wentzel offers many services to help small business owners.  She has Coaching Plans to fit any schedule and budget.  Many can also help you discover the most effective ways to market your business.  There really is something for everyone.

To find out more on how Wentzel and EFT Coaching and Consulting can help you, please visit these links:


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