Monday, July 1, 2013

Independence - What it Really Means to Small Business Owners!

Created by Kimberly Kline
As we gear up for the annual celebration of our Nation’s Independence, we pause to reflect on what that Independence means to us, and to all Small Business Owners!

The rights our Patriots fought hard for are a big part of my every day life. We embrace them each time we are free to vote and worship as we choose. I also cherish the ability afforded me to pursue what makes me happy.

Our forefathers founded our nation on these rights. They believed in the idea that hard work brings great rewards and that all should have the opportunity to better themselves.

Throughout our history, we have continued as a nation to fight for our rights. We have encountered those who have attempted to harm us from outside and within. Each time we rally because we believe in these freedoms and they are important to us.

We also believe that spirit is alive and well in our nation’s Small Business Owners.
Small Business owners embody the idea of independence and freedom.  "Tweet This"

We embrace what is best in our country. Every day we are a testament to resilience and the “frontier spirit”. The opportunity to run things our own way drives us.

Small Business is making a strong resurgence in our nation. Many are realizing the importance of “shopping small” to keep us strong and self-reliant. Our Entrepreneurs are stepping up to the challenge.

Check out this infographic from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and Babson College and Baruch College.

Their research shows that our Nation’s Entrepreneurs are ambitious and we need to recognize and encourage the “energy and value they bring to our societies”. Many are opening new businesses or working hard to make their existing ones a success.

And if you are thinking of going it alone, then these tips on "Starting a Small Business of One" will help!

This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson describes the spirit within our Small Business Owners perfectly;

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Small Business Owners are trailblazers, and nothing says “independence” more!

We personally celebrate the freedom and independence we feel in running my own business each and every day. The ability to pursue our own dreams is unequaled. To us, this is true independence.
Photo Taken by Kimberly Kline
This 4th of July, while we celebrate the independence of our nation, let us also remember that it is alive and well in the hearts, minds, and businesses of our Small Business Owners ~ our innovators, our inventors, and our instigators!

We close with these words from a true visionary, Walt Disney;
"If you can DREAM it, you can DO it."

And that is what the 4th of July is all about......celebrating our freedom to dream and the independence we continue to hold close.

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