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Do You Believe in What You Sell?

Do You believe in what You Sell?
This question was asked on the networking site Alignable and when we saw it, we knew we had to weigh in with our thoughts: 
While API ‘sells’ services (employment background checks and business mentoring), (we) find it essential to completely believe in what (we) do and why. And since our clients essentially get US when they sign on, it definitely helps that we believe in ourselves and that what we do is valuable. We would find it very difficult to promote what we do if we didn't believe in its quality and value!”.

When API started, we quickly found that “selling” our services was one of our most difficult tasks ~ and that was a problem!

Getting the word out and landing clients is essential to making a go of any business. So we had no choice but to get ourselves out there, push that uncomfortable feeling aside, and sell what we do.

While it continued to be difficult, we found that the more we began to truly recognize the quality of what we offered the easier it got. We also discovered that when it became clear that our services could really help our clients succeed in their own businesses, our initial problems with “selling” what we do were no longer an issue.

Some of the other answers to “Why Do You Believe in what You Sell” also resonated with us:
  • “If you sell yourself, and believe in yourself, it is easy”.
  • I have “pride in what I do and believe in its quality”.
  • I receive “continued positive customer/client feedback”.
  • “I know it works”. 
  • “I know it helps people”.
  • “We love what we do, and that love translates to making a truly quality product” (or service).
  • “We have seen it improve people’s lives”.
  • We “get more customers by word of mouth” (which means happy clients).
All of these answers focused on what they and their company’s products or services did FOR their clients ~ and that is why they believe in them! 

The bottom line is, when we began thinking about our answer to the question “Why Do You Believe in What You Sell”, we realized that it would be impossible for us to sell something that we didn’t believe in!

For us, we believe in what we “sell” because we know it has helped our clients. 
Our background investigation services enable them to be more successful when hiring and finding the best candidates. We strive to keep up with new laws and regulations that govern employment screening. We know the quality we provide and how it can help solve our clients’ hiring problems. 

In addition, our Small Business Mentoring and Security Consulting services help them to start their own small business and keep that business safe.

We also found that once we changed our mindset to one where “selling” was not our ultimate goal, but partnering with our clients on their own road to success was, it made all the difference.

Why Moving Away from the “Sell” will Help You Believe in Your Business! “Tweet This”

There is no way we could “sell” what we do if we didn’t believe in it. We place our focus squarely on the real value of our services ~ what we have learned about our industry and the way we treat our clients. we fully believe in the quality of what we offer, and that shows. While “selling” is still not really in our nature, it is so much easier because we know what we do will help our clients.
So, in the end, “Why” do we believe in what we sell? Because it would be impossible for us to run a business where we didn’t!!!

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