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Sharing your Favorite Causes can be Good for Your Business!

Do you "mix" your personal with your professional life?
There are times when we believe in keeping our personal and business lives separate ~ 
at least for the most part.

Mixing the two, without great thought, can lead to alienation of potential and existing clients, blurring of your “brand”, and even result in less than desirable posts finding their way on to your business social sites.

You can find more about our thoughts on this in “Why You Need to Keep Your Personal & Business Social Media Separate”.

But, even for us, the need to keep the personal and business side of our lives separate is not always the case.  

We often share personal stories and our take on current issues ~ especially those relevant to us and our industry.

However, there is one time when we think it not only makes sense, but is actually smart, to mix your personal beliefs with your business.

And that is when you want to closely associate yourself and your business with a cause, or two, that you truly believe in!

When Sharing Your Personal Beliefs is Good for Your Small Business!  "Tweet This"

When you share something that you are passionate about, it not only makes you more “human” and approachable to your customers, but it can attract those that feel the same!

When your company is closely associated with a cause, then you have found a niche market that can help set you apart.

That can be especially good for a Small Business.

By sharing and furthering your cause through your Small Business, you are more easily able to find your target audience. This is where you are wise to focus your marketing efforts.

Here are some Small Businesses who, by regularly associating themselves with their causes, have been successful in attracting 
the audience they need ~ 

Tracy Higginbotham is a perfect example of a small business owner who closely links her company, Women Ties, with what she believes in ~ the promotion and support of women entrepreneurs! 

Higginbotham dedicates all her efforts towards achieving that goal. Her belief in the importance of furthering women’s causes can be found in every conference she holds and every blog post she writes. Through this, she has built her brand.

Another example of an entrepreneur who uses her passions to drive her business is Jackee Ging, owner of The Style Truck. Ging uses her business to promote American made clothing and accessories, some designed by local artists. This cause is important to her and her business reflects that!  

Veronica Nourse’s quest to “Go Green” with her business, The Cupertino Soap Company, was a way to bring her personal beliefs about our planet into her business. And this is important to the customers she attracts!

And there are many other Small Businesses out there doing the same. In the case of our business, Access Profiles, we are a strong believer in using our company to support other small businesses.  

We continually focus on helping Small Business owners achieve their own success and promoting them in any way possible. We do this, in part, through mentoring those ready to dive into entrepreneurship themselves and through our blog articles. We believe that small business is crucial to our economy, and that is apparent throughout our brand.

We also freely promote our support of women in business.  

We share and write many articles focusing on equality, ending gender and wage bias, and the importance of uplifting women in our society.

These are causes that mean a lot to us and we have no desire to separate them from our business image.

If, for whatever reason, this means we lose a potential client, then so be it. These causes are part of the reason we began our blog and built our brand in the first place.

Associating your Small Business with your favorite cause is also a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors, even if they are big companies!  

The key is to focus your marketing efforts on the cause, or causes, that mean the most to you. Through that, you will find an important audience. And face it, any time you can get recognized, you are a step ahead.  

We all have certain causes that we believe in, and why shouldn’t we use our Small Businesses to further those causes?
Promoting your strongly-held beliefs with your Small Business creates something of great value. You have built a company and a brand that you can be proud of.
Do you share your personal causes through your Small Business? Share that in our comment section! We would love to learn more about you and your business!

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