Sunday, November 22, 2015

Giving Thanks!

Small Business & Giving Thanks!
This is the time of year when many of us take the time to get together and to give thanks. 

We plan gatherings with family and friends ~ everything from traditional Thanksgiving dinners to quick lunches ~ all in the hopes of connecting and spending quality time.

But no matter what we choose, the season inevitably stirs within us feelings of appreciation and thankfulness for all we have and all that we accomplish each and ever day.

At this time I would like to extend that gratitude to you ~  our clients, readers, and Social Media friends.

I feel truly blessed having connected with each of you and I appreciate your constant support. It has truly renewed my commitment to you and to my business.

Most of all, it has given me the drive I need to start and end each day with a clear focus and a sense of purpose. For this I truly Give Thanks! 

Giving Back & Paying it Forward 
I know that many of you are pursuing your own success. You may even be small business owners yourselves. I am truly thankful for your encouragement as I pursue my own goals, and I am hopeful that you have felt the same encouragement from me. 

To this end, a large part of my gratitude has evolved into "Paying it Forward" in any way I can.  

I actively use Social Media in support of others. I share blog articles and posts made by other Small Businesses. And, most importantly, I Shop Small myself! 

You can find out more about how I use my Small Business to achieve my goal to Pay it Forward HERE! 

It is also been extremely gratifying to feel the camaraderie and support you each have shared with me. I can honestly say that I feel lucky and privileged. You are all wonderful and amazing people. 

Express Gratitude in Your Small Business
My goal is to strive to live by these words from John F. Kennedy and put my gratitude and appreciation into action throughout the year.  You all deserve nothing less.  

If you want to help spread my words of gratitude...Please Pay it Forward and Share this article! Thanks!

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